How to submit a file after validating the JATS XML file

1. JATSXML Coding

Please refer to for detailed information on how to produce JATS XML files.

The following metadata information must be provided in each JATS XML file: journal ISSN; publisher; copyright statement; license statement, such as Creative Commons Attribution License; volume number (if present); issue number (if present); page number or sequence number of each article; and date of publication.1

2. Figure files

Figure files and other supplementary files should be submitted. The format of figure files should be TIFF or EPS, with at least 600 dpi.

3. PDF files

A PDF file that matches the JATS XML files should be provided for checking the exactness of the content of the JATS XML files. PDF files should be in readable digital form, and not in figure form.

4. Supplementary materials

All types of supplementary materials can be submitted if they are mentioned in the article. The preferred audio-video settings are as follows:

Audio codec: AAC
Audio bit rate: 128 kbit/s
Video codec: H.264
Video resolution: 960 vertical lines or better
Formats: oog, mov, avi, mpg, mpeg, mp4, mkv, flv, wmv. Please contact ScienceCentral for other formats.
Size of video file: No limitation

5. Ftp

Data should be named consistently and be compressed in a format of zip gz, or other format. Naming the article data files should be addressed as follows:

In the case of the Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Profession, 2014, number 22 article that possesses no issue number:

Data file name:
JATS XML file names: jeehp_2014_22.xml
PDF file name: jeehp_2014_22.pdf
Figure file name: jeehp_2014_22_fig_1.tif, jeehp_2014_22_fig_2.tif
Supplementary file name: jeehp_2014_22_s_1.mp4, jeehp_2014_22_s_2.mp4, jeehp_2014_22_s_3.txt, jeehp_2014_22_s_4.csv
If there is an issue number, it can be added as follows:

Data file name: in the case of the Korean Journal of Medical Education, 2014, volume 26, issue 3.

All files are ftped via a ftp site with an id and password provided by ScienceCentral. A report confirming the submission is automatically delivered to the up-loading person.

Guidelines for JATS XML Tagging

These guidelines completely follow NISO JATS Journal Publishing DTD. The guidelines reflect the most recent version of NISO JATS Journal Publishing DTD.

ScienceCentral Style Checker

Through the web-based style checker, JATS XML files can be validated to ensure that they completely follow the recent version of NISO JATS XML.

Sample JATS XML files

Sample files of articles are available according to the category of science.
-  Sample 1: Natural Sciences
-  Sample 2: Engineering
-  Sample 3: Health
-  Sample 4: Agriculture&Fisheries