Effects of Sleep Patterns on the Subjective Health Status in Older Men from the 7th Korea National Health andNutrition Examination Survey, 2016
Yun Jin Kim, Hye rim Hwang
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Translation and Validation of the Malay Version of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Questionnaire for OlderAdults in Malaysia
Sakinah Harith,Sze Lin Tan
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Development of Korean Frailty Index for Primary Care (KFI-PC) and Its Criterion Validity
Miji Kim,Chang Won Won, Yunhwan Lee, Seoyoon Lee
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Cross-sectional Evaluation of the Sarcopenia Quality of Life (SarQoL) Questionnaire: Translation and Validationof its Psychometric Properties
Marta Dzhus,Marta Masnyi, Myroslava Kulyk, Halyna Mostbauer, Oleksiy Ivashkivsky, Yaryna Boyko, Kateryna Cherchenko,Anton Geerinck, Jean-Yves Reginster, Olivier Bruyere, Charlotte Beaudart
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Primary Cutaneous Cryptococcosis in an Older Immunocompetent Patient: A Case Report
Bong Seok Shin, Hoon Choi, Yong Il Kim, Chan Ho Na, Min Sung Kim
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How Can We Evaluate Disability without Bias?
Chang Won Won, Sunyoung Kim
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The Korean Geriatrics Society COVID-19 Strategy for Older Adults
Hyuk Ga,Chang Won Won, Eunju Lee, Chang Oh Kim, Il-Young Jang, Hak Chul Jang, Hang-Suk Cho, Sun-wook Kim
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Measuring Frailty in Health Care Databases for Clinical Care and Research
Dae Hyun Kim
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Utility of Frailty Screening Tools in Older Surgical Patients
Shyh Poh Teo, Alicia Wan Yan Poh
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Importance of Geriatric Syndrome Screening within 48 Hours of Hospitalization for Identifying ReadmissionRisk: A Retrospective Study in an Acute-Care Hospital
Jongmin Lee,Jinyoung Shin, Seol-Heui Han, Jaekyung Choi, Yoon-Sook Kim
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Effects of Statin Use for Primary Prevention among Adults Aged 75 Years and Older in the National HealthInsurance Service Senior Cohort (2002–2015)
Chang Won Won,Sunyoung Kim, Hangseok Choi
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Physical Performance Correlates with Self-Reported Physical Function and Quality of Life in Patients at 3Months after Total Knee Arthroplasty
Bo Ryun Kim,Jun Hwan Choi, Sang Rim Kim, Kwang Woo Nam, So Young Lee, Won Bin Kim, Youn Ji Kim
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