Brief Report
Immunohistochemical Localization of Anoctamin 1 in the Mouse Cerebellum
Yong Soo Park, Ji Hyun Jeon, Seung Hee Lee, Sun Sook Paik, In-Beom Kim
DOI : SCID: SC000033552
Appl Microsc. 2018;48(4)110-116   Published online 2018 December 30
Novus Imago
Formation Dynamics of Carbon Atomic Chain from Graphene by Electron Beam Irradiation
Hyo Ju Park, Zonghoon Lee
DOI : SCID: SC000033557
Appl Microsc. 2018;48(4)126-127   Published online 2018 December 30
Novus Imago
Domain Wall Motions in Ferromagnetic Thin Film Induced by Laser Heating Pulse
Hyun Soon Park
DOI : SCID: SC000033551
Appl Microsc. 2018;48(4)128-129   Published online 2018 December 30
Novus Imago
Microstructural Evolution and Recrystallization Behavior Traced by Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging
Jin-Su Oh, Cheol-Woong Yang
DOI : SCID: SC000033550
Appl Microsc. 2018;48(4)130-131   Published online 2018 December 30
Novus Imago
Grain Boundaries Imaged by Integration of Sobel Filtered Scanning Transmission Electron Micrographs
Min-Chul Kang, Jinsu Oh, Cheol-Woong Yang
DOI : SCID: SC000033555
Appl Microsc. 2018;48(4)132-133   Published online 2018 December 30
Regular Article
Characterization of Multiple Synaptic Boutons in Cerebral Motor Cortex in Physiological and Pathological Condition: Acrobatic Motor Training Model and Traumatic Brain Injury Model
Hyun-Wook Kim, Ji eun Na, ImJoo Rhyu
DOI : SCID: SC000033547
Appl Microsc. 2018;48(4)102-109   Published online 2018 December 30
Review Article
A Brief Review of κ-Carbide in Fe-Mn-Al-C Model Alloys
Jae Bok Seol
DOI : SCID: SC000033554
Appl Microsc. 2018;48(4)117-121   Published online 2018 December 30
Review Article
Structural Studies of Respirasome by Cryo-Electron Microscopy
Tae Jin Jeon, Ho Min Kim, Seong Eon Ryu
DOI : SCID: SC000033553
Appl Microsc. 2018;48(4)81-86   Published online 2018 December 30
Review Article
Overview of Immunoelectron Microscopy
Chang-Hyun Park, Hong Lim Kim, Byung-Joon Chang, Sang Hoon Lee, Byung Soo Chang, Chun-Sik Bae, Ik-Hyun Cho, Dong Heui Kim, Jung-Mi Han, Ji Eun Na, Byung-Jin Choi, Sang-Sik Kim, Hyun-Wook Kim, Jee-Woong Kim, Im Joo Rhyu, Chang-Sub Uhm
DOI : SCID: SC000033549
Appl Microsc. 2018;48(4)87-95   Published online 2018 December 30
Review Article
Visualization of Extracellular Vesicles of Prokaryotes and Eukaryotic Microbes
Ki Woo Kim
DOI : SCID: SC000033556
Appl Microsc. 2018;48(4)96-101   Published online 2018 December 30
Technical Report
Transmission Electron Microscopy Specimen Preparation for Two Dimensional Material Using Electron Beam Induced Deposition of a Protective Layer in the Focused Ion Beam Method
Byeong-Seon An, Yeon Ju Shin, Jae-Seon Ju, Cheol-Woong Yang
DOI : SCID: SC000033546
Appl Microsc. 2018;48(4)122-125   Published online 2018 December 30