Taxonomic notes on the genus Alsidium C. Agardh, including the merging of Bryothamnion Kützing (Rhodomelaceae)
Gabriela García-Soto, Juan Lopez-Bautista
DOI : SCID: SC000032106
Algae. 2018;33(3)215-229   Published online 2018 September 15
Research Article
Cryptic species diversity of ochtodenes-producing Portieria species (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) from the northwest Pacific
Mi Yeon Yang, Myung Sook Kim
DOI : SCID: SC000032105
Algae. 2018;33(3)205-214   Published online 2018 September 15
Research Article
Genetic discontinuity of Digenea (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) from Mexico supports recognition of two new species, D. mexicana and D. rafaelii
Ga Hun Boo, Daniel Robledo, Gabriella Andrade-Sorcia, Sung Min Boo
DOI : SCID: SC000032110
Algae. 2018;33(3)231-241   Published online 2018 September 15
Research Article
An investigation of members of the tribe Ceramieae (Ceramiaceae, Rhodophyta) occurring on both the Mediterranean and Atlantic shores of Morocco
Mustapha Hassoun, Michael J. Wynne, Hanaa Moussa, Ghizlane Salhi, Hanaa Zbakh, Hassane Riadi, Mohamed Kazzaz
DOI : SCID: SC000032109
Algae. 2018;33(3)243-267   Published online 2018 September 15
Research Article
A unique genetic lineage at the southern coast of China in the agar-producing Gracilaria vermiculophylla (Gracilariales, Florideophyceae)
Zi-Min Hu, Ruo-Yu Liu, Jie Zhang, De-Lin Duan, Gao-Ge Wang, Wen-Hong Li
DOI : SCID: SC000032107
Algae. 2018;33(3)269-278   Published online 2018 September 15
Research Article
Amino acids profiles of six dinoflagellate species belonging to diverse families: possible use as animal feeds in aquaculture
An Suk Lim, Hae Jin Jeong, So Jin Kim, Jin Hee Ok
DOI : SCID: SC000032108
Algae. 2018;33(3)279-290   Published online 2018 September 15