ScienceCentral Overview

ScienceCentral is a platform of free or open access full text database of scientific society journal literature provided by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFTS). Its purpose is to increase the visibility of non-profit scientific societies or institutional journals globally. This database aims to promote human culture and civilization by providing invaluable scientific information freely and easily to all world scientists and citizens.

Eligible journals to be indexed in ScienceCentral should fulfill the following criteria:

1.It should be an open access journal according to Creative Commons License, or a free access journal of which full text should be exposed without an embargo period after publication.

2.At least bibliographic information, abstract, tables, figures and references should be in English although the language of text is not English.

3.The publisher should be a non-profit society or non-profit institute; however, if the copyright holder is a non-profit organization, the publisher may be a commercial one.

4.There should be a peer review process.

5.The publisher should be able to send full text Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) XML files to KOFST, of which the XML should pass the quality validation test. Chemical structures and mathematical formula should also meet the XML presentation according to ChemML and MathML, respectively. Tables should be in XML format.

Who Receives Benefits?

All local language journal publishers in the world can easily show their content through ScienceCentral; therefore, all local languages can function as equal languages of science. Although English is globally accepted as a scientific language, local language journals serve important roles for people with native languages other than English. Moreover, continued technical advancement is making translations between languages increasingly easy, accurate, and fast.

What are The Main Characteristics of ScienceCentral?

ScienceCentral includes science journals written in all languages in the world. It is intended for non-profit society or institutional journals. Furthermore, it requires high quality JATS XML files of journal papers. Moreover, there is no cost to the publisher during the file submission process since maintenance is fully supported by the Korean Government. ScienceCentral can also be used as a repository of individual papers that should be published under open access policy or public access policy, according to the funding agency셲 rules.