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Fundref ID Funder Name BodyType Country
10.13039/100001436 1675 Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004343 3M Private United States
10.13039/501100005957 8020 Promotion Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/501100007139 A Richer Life Foundation Private Norway
10.13039/100006543 A World Celiac Community Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001962 A-T Children's Project(ATCP) Private United States
10.13039/501100008163 A-T Society(Ataxia-Telangiectasia Society) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008456 A. Alfred Taubman Medical Research Institute(Taubman Medical Research Institute) Government United States
10.13039/100001615 A. E. Finley Foundation(A. E. Finley Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100008639 A. James Clark School of Engineering(Clark School of Engineering) Private United States
10.13039/100008612 A.B. de Lautour Charitable Trust Private New Zealand
10.13039/100009805 A.F.W. Schimper-Stiftung für Ökologische Forschungen(A.F.W. Schimper-Stiftung) Private Germany
10.13039/501100004117 A.G. Leventis Foundation(Leventis Foundation) Private Cyprus
10.13039/501100006448 A.H. Schultz-Stiftung zur Förderung Primatologischer Forschung(A.H. Schultz Foundation) Private Switzerland
10.13039/501100008547 A.J. Coops Stichting Private Netherlands
10.13039/100001733 A.L. Mailman Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002112 A.P. Giannini Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100005747 A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal(A.P. Møller Fonden) Private Denmark
10.13039/100003550 AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Private United States
10.13039/100006329 AABB Private United States
10.13039/100006356 AACC International(AACCI) Private United States
10.13039/100006323 AACCI Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006357 AACCI Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100007867 Aachener Graduiertenschule für Computergestützte Natur- und Ingenieurwissenschaften(Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science) Government Germany
10.13039/100009747 AADC Research Trust(Aromatic Amino Acid Decarboxylase Deficiency Research Trust) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100002543 AAEP Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002721 Aage V. Jensens Fonde(Aage V Jensen Charity Foundation) Private Denmark
10.13039/501100005188 AAIR Charity(Asthma, Allergy and Inflammation Research Charity) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100003131 Aalborg Samarbejdet(Aalborg Samarbejdet Region) Government Denmark
10.13039/501100002702 Aalborg Universitet(Aalborg University) Private Denmark
10.13039/501100006304 Aalborg Universitetshospital(Aalborg University Hospital) Government Denmark
10.13039/501100002666 Aalto-yliopisto(Aalto University) Private Finland
10.13039/100007605 Aarhus Universitet(Aarhus University) Private Denmark
10.13039/501100002739 Aarhus Universitets Forskningsfond(Aarhus University Research Foundation) Private Denmark
10.13039/100007606 Aarhus Universitetshospital(Aarhus University Hospital) Private Denmark
10.13039/501100007361 Aarne ja Aili Turusen Säätiö(Aarne and Aili Turunen Foundation) Private Finland
10.13039/100010133 Aarne Koskelon Säätiö Private Finland
10.13039/100005659 Aaron Copland Fund for Music(The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100009444 AARP Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100008556 Aase Bye og Trygve J. B. Hoffs Fond til Vitenskapelig, Medisinsk Forskning(Aase Bye og Trygve J. B. Hoffs Fond) Private Norway
10.13039/501100003035 Aase og Ejnar Danielsens Fond(Aase and Ejnar Danielsen Foundation) Private Denmark
10.13039/100008598 AAUP Foundation(American Association of University Professors Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100002668 Abant Izzet Baysal Üniversitesi(Abant Izzet Baysal University) Private Turkey
10.13039/501100002670 ABB(ABB T&D Institute) Private Switzerland
10.13039/501100000314 ABBEY AWARDS(Abbey) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100008170 Abbeyfield Society Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008800 Abbott Animal Health(AAH) Private United States
10.13039/100009014 Abbott Canada Private Canada
10.13039/100000046 Abbott Fund Private United States
10.13039/100009015 Abbott Japan Private Japan
10.13039/100008977 Abbott Korea Private South Korea
10.13039/100001316 Abbott Laboratories Private United States
10.13039/100006483 AbbVie(AbbVie Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100006484 AbbVie Deutschland(Abbvie Deutschland) Private Germany
10.13039/501100004684 Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan(AWKUM) Government Pakistan
10.13039/100010734 Abdullah Gül Üniversitesini Destekleme Vakfi(AGU Foundation) Private Turkey
10.13039/501100001681 Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics(ICTP) Private Italy
10.13039/100006684 Abe Belsky Foundation(Abe Belsky Foundation of Chicago) Private United States
10.13039/100005317 Abell Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100000939 Abell-Hanger Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100008028 Abengoa Private Spain
10.13039/100008726 Abercrombie Foundation Private Canada
10.13039/100010040 Abertay University Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000315 Aberystwyth University Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010696 Abilene Christian University(ACU) Private United States
10.13039/501100007362 Abisch-Frenkel-Stiftung(Abisch-Frenkel Foundation) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100010738 Ablynx Private Belgium
10.13039/100001443 ABMRF/The Foundation for Alcohol Research Private United States
10.13039/100001437 Abney Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100008019 Åbo Akademi(ÅA) Government Finland
10.13039/501100006281 Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola(Aboca) Private Italy
10.13039/501100000047 Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada(Affaires autochtones et Développement du Nord Canada) Government Canada
10.13039/100008435 Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute(AFCRI) Private United States
10.13039/100010718 Absa Bank Limited(Absa) Private South Africa
10.13039/100008769 Abt Associates Private United States
10.13039/501100002672 Abu Dhabi National Oil Company(ADNOC) Private United Arab Emirates
10.13039/501100002676 Abwasserverband Achental-Inntal-Zillertal(Achental-Inntal-Zillertal Wastewater Association) Private Austria
10.13039/100008346 AC3(Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications) Private Australia
10.13039/100001408 Acacia Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010140 Academia de Ştiinţe a Moldovei(Academy of Sciences of Moldova) Government Moldova
10.13039/501100007774 Academia Mexicana de Ciencias(Mexican Academy of Sciences) Private Mexico
10.13039/501100006476 Academia Româna(Romanian Academy) Government Romania
10.13039/501100001869 Academia Sinica Private Taiwan
10.13039/501100005013 Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research(ACECR) Government Iran
10.13039/100010564 Academic Medical Organization of Southwestern Ontario(AMOSO) Private Canada
10.13039/100009035 Academic Senate, University of California, Riverside(Academic Senate, UCR) Government United States
10.13039/501100005870 Academic Swiss Caucasus Net(ASCN) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100008754 Académie de Médecine Vétérinaire du Québec(AMVQ) Private Canada
10.13039/501100003476 Académie Hassan II des Sciences et Techniques(Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology) Government Morocco
10.13039/501100008335 Académie Nationale de Médecine(National Academy of Medicine) Government France
10.13039/501100008135 Académie Universitaire ‘Louvain(Académie Louvain) Private Belgium
10.13039/501100003180 Academisch Medisch Centrum(Academic Medical Center) Private Netherlands
10.13039/100005275 Academy of American Poets Private United States
10.13039/100008532 Academy of Architecture for Health(AAH) Private United States
10.13039/100008437 Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation(AAHF) Private United States
10.13039/100010182 Academy of Health Sciences(AHS) Government United States
10.13039/501100001265 Academy of Medical Royal Colleges(AoMRC) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000691 Academy of Medical Sciences Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005318 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Private United States
10.13039/100005319 Academy of Natural Sciences(Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University) Private United States
10.13039/100006110 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008528 Academy of Osseointegration(AO) Private United States
10.13039/501100001330 Academy of Science of South Africa(ASSAF) Private South Africa
10.13039/501100001689 Academy of Sciences for the Developing World(TWAS) Private Italy
10.13039/501100002673 Academy of Sciences Republic of Uzbekistan(Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan) Government Uzbekistan
10.13039/501100002349 Academy of Scientific Research and Technology(ASRT) Government Egypt
10.13039/100006217 Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation(Television Academy Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100001050 Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia(ASSA) Private Australia
10.13039/100005320 AcademyHealth Private United States
10.13039/100009427 Acadia University(Acadia) Private Canada
10.13039/501100008027 Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei Government Italy
10.13039/501100003291 Accare Private Netherlands
10.13039/100004442 ACCCA Private United States
10.13039/100001438 Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure(ABC2) Private United States
10.13039/100004672 Accenture Private United States
10.13039/100006486 Acceptys(Acceptys Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100007598 Accident Compensation Corporation(Te Kaporeihana Āwhina Hunga Whara) Private New Zealand
10.13039/501100001545 Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand(AFAANZ) Private New Zealand
10.13039/100009871 AcelRx Pharmaceuticals(AcelRx) Private United States
10.13039/501100008025 Acerde Private France
10.13039/100005647 ACG Institute for Clinical Research and Education Private United States
10.13039/501100002675 Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University Private India
10.13039/100009929 Achelis and Bodman Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001439 Achelis Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008227 Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation(ARCS Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100007344 Achmea(Zilveren Kruis-Achmea) Private Netherlands
10.13039/100005358 ACMG Foundation for Genetic and Genomic Medicine Private United States
10.13039/100005299 Acoustical Society of America(ASA) Private United States
10.13039/501100001139 ACT Health Government Australia
10.13039/100008773 ACT Herpetological Association(ACTHA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100006743 Actavis Deutschland(Actavis Deutschland GmbH) Private Germany
10.13039/100005646 Actelion Pharmaceuticals(Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100010535 Actinium Pharmaceuticals(ATNM) Private United States
10.13039/501100000316 Action Cancer Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001266 Action Duchenne Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100008180 Action for A-T Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100006723 Action for Boston Community Development(Action for Boston Community Development Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100001982 Action for M.E. Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006672 Action LIONS Vaincre le Cancer(Action LIONS Vaincre le Cancer ASBL) Private Luxembourg
10.13039/501100000317 Action Medical Research(AMR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009775 Action on Addiction Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000703 Action on Hearing Loss Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100003561 Activities Integrating Math and Science Education Foundation(AIMS Education Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100002677 ActoGeniX Private Belgium
10.13039/100007547 Actualis Private France
10.13039/100007399 Actuarial Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100001307 Actuarial Profession Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009944 ACVO Vision for Animals Foundation(VAF) Private United States
10.13039/100006385 Acxiom Private United States
10.13039/501100003026 Ad Hoc Software Pty(Ad Hoc Software Pty Ltd.) Private Australia
10.13039/100001440 ADA Foundation(ADAF) Private United States
10.13039/100004176 Adam Taliaferro Foundation(ATF) Private United States
10.13039/501100007823 Adamawa State University, Mubi(Adamawa State University Mubi) Government Nigeria
10.13039/501100007539 Adams Super Center for Brain Studies,Tel Aviv University(Adams Super Center for Brain Studies, TAU) Government Israel
10.13039/100005322 ADC Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002927 Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust, Cambridge University Hospitals(Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007941 Addis Ababa University(AAU) Government Ethiopia
10.13039/100004697 Adecco Private Switzerland
10.13039/501100002678 Adelaide Research and Innovation, University of Adelaide(ARI) Private Australia
10.13039/501100008026 Adelaide Tambo School of Nursing Science Government South Africa
10.13039/100002792 Adele R. Decof Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009401 Adelphi University(Adelphi) Private United States
10.13039/100006386 Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation(ACCRF) Private United States
10.13039/501100007356 Adessium Foundation Private Netherlands
10.13039/100009957 Adhesives and Sealant Council(ASC) Private United States
10.13039/501100002680 Adivit(Adivit Ltd.) Private Spain
10.13039/501100007814 Adiyaman Üniversitesi(Adiyaman University) Government Turkey
10.13039/100007467 Adler Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100003743 Adlerbertska Stiftelserna(Adlerbertska Foundations) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100007365 Admar Mutt Education Foundation(AMEF) Private India
10.13039/100005240 Administration for Children and Families(ACF) Government United States
10.13039/100006307 Administration for Community Living(ACL) Government United States
10.13039/100009337 Administration for Native Americans(ANA) Government United States
10.13039/100008768 Administrative Sciences Association of Canada(Association des Sciences Administratives du Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002679 Adnan Menderes Üniversitesi(Adnan Menderes University) Private Turkey
10.13039/100004344 Adobe Systems Private United States
10.13039/501100007357 Adolf H Lundin Charitable Foundation(Adolf H. Lundin Charitable Foundation) Private Liechtenstein
10.13039/100001840 Adolph & Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100007247 Adolph C. and Mary Sprague Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science, University of California Berkeley(Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science) Government United States
10.13039/501100003071 Adolphe Merkle Institute(AMI) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100006387 Adrienne Helis Malvin Medical Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007528 Adtranz Private Sweden
10.13039/100008416 Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics(ACT) Private United States
10.13039/501100007179 Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer(ACTREC) Government India
10.13039/501100007742 Advanced Centre of Research in High Energy Materials, University of Hyderabad(Advanced Centre of Research in High Energy Materials) Government India
10.13039/100007523 Advanced Cyberinfrastructure(ACI) Government United States
10.13039/100010444 Advanced Digital Sciences Center(Illinois at Singapore Pte. Ltd.) Private Singapore
10.13039/100006388 Advanced Fiber Technologies(AFT) Private United States
10.13039/100008164 Advanced Foods and Materials Canada(AFM Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/100008165 Advanced Foods and Materials Network(AFMNet) Private Canada
10.13039/501100006674 Advanced Information and Communication Technology Center, Sharif University of Technology(Advanced Information and Communication Technology Center) Government Iran
10.13039/501100006725 Advanced Machining Technology and Development Association(AMTDA) Private Japan
10.13039/501100007728 Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre(Advanced Manufacturing CRC) Government Australia
10.13039/100006116 Advanced Manufacturing Office(AMO) Government United States
10.13039/100001927 Advanced Medical Research Foundation(AMRF) Private United States
10.13039/100004311 Advanced Micro Devices(AMD) Private United States
10.13039/100006389 Advanced Photon Sciences(Advanced Photon Sciences LLC) Private United States
10.13039/100009224 Advanced Research Projects Agency(ARPA) Government United States
10.13039/100006133 Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy(ARPA-E) Government United States
10.13039/501100006265 Advanced Science Institute(RIKEN Advanced Science Institute) Private Japan
10.13039/100006192 Advanced Scientific Computing Research(ASCR) Government United States
10.13039/100006390 Advatech Pacific(Advatech) Private United States
10.13039/100005324 Advertising Educational Foundation(AEF) Private United States
10.13039/100001442 AEC Trust Private United States
10.13039/100003558 AEG Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002705 Aegon Private Netherlands
10.13039/100009342 Aeras Global Tuberculosis Vaccine Foundation(Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100006391 AeroDynamic Solutions(Aerodynamic Solutions Inc) Private United States
10.13039/501100006084 Aeronautical Development Agency(ADA) Government India
10.13039/501100004750 Aeronautical Science Foundation of China Government China
10.13039/100007549 Aeronautics Research and Development Board(ARDB) Government India
10.13039/501100007292 Aerostatic Science Foundation Government China
10.13039/100007532 AES Brasil Private Brazil
10.13039/100007531 AES Corporation(AES) Private United States
10.13039/100007533 AES Sul Private Brazil
10.13039/100007536 Aesculap Implant Systems Private United States
10.13039/100003559 Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation(ASERF) Private United States
10.13039/100003601 Aetna(Aetna Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100000045 Aetna Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002706 AFA Försäkring(AFA Insurance Foundation) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100002707 AFC Technologies(AFC Tech.) Private Israel
10.13039/100005325 AFCEA Educational Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100003666 Affiliated American CSA Foundation(AACSA) Private United States
10.13039/100004743 Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.(ACS) Private United States
10.13039/100000940 Aflac Private United States
10.13039/501100004923 AFM-Téléthon(French Muscular Dystrophy Association) Private France
10.13039/501100002350 Africagrowth Institute Private South Africa
10.13039/501100007358 African Capacity Building Foundation(Fondation Pour Le Renforcement des Capacités en Afrique) Private Zimbabwe
10.13039/100004424 African Development Bank Group(AfDB) Private Tunisia
10.13039/501100002351 African Federation for Emergency Medicine(AFEM) Private South Africa
10.13039/501100007689 African Institute for Agrarian Studies(AIAS) Private Zimbabwe
10.13039/501100007114 African Institute for Mathematical Sciences(AIMS South Africa) Private South Africa
10.13039/501100007174 African Laser Centre, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research(ALC, CSIR) Government South Africa
10.13039/501100004967 African Mathematics Millennium Science Initiative(AMMSI) Private Kenya
10.13039/100007548 African Safari Club Of Florida Conservation Fund Private United States
10.13039/501100005749 African University of Science and Technology(AUST) Private Nigeria
10.13039/100010723 Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi(Afyon Kocatepe University) Government Turkey
10.13039/100007525 AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language Private United States
10.13039/100004448 Aga Khan Foundation(AKF) Private United States
10.13039/100009384 Aga Khan Foundation Canada(AKFC) Private Canada
10.13039/100006083 AGA Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100003492 Agda och Herman Järnhardts Stiftelse Private Sweden
10.13039/100008742 Age Endeavour Fellowship(Age Endeavour) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000629 Age UK Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007530 Agence de l'Eau Adour-Garonne Government France
10.13039/501100003031 Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie(Environment and Energy Management Agency) Government France
10.13039/501100006005 Agence de la Biomédecine Government France
10.13039/501100007759 Agence des Aires Marines Protégées(Marine Protected Areas Agency) Government France
10.13039/501100005905 Agence Française de Lutte contre le Dopage(French Agency for the Fight against Doping) Private France
10.13039/501100007542 Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits de Santé(AFSSAPS) Government France
10.13039/501100001665 Agence Nationale de la Recherche(L' Agence Nationale de la Recherche) Private France
10.13039/501100003323 Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le Sida et les Hepatites Virales(National Agency for AIDS Research) Private France
10.13039/501100007543 Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé(ANSM) Government France
10.13039/501100007546 Agence Nationale de Sécurité Sanitaire de l’Alimentation, de l’Environnement et du Travail(ANSES) Government France
10.13039/501100006676 Agence Nationale Des Parcs Nationaux(ANPN) Government Gabon
10.13039/501100006744 Agence Nationale pour la Gestion des Déchets Radioactifs(National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management) Government France
10.13039/501100005304 Agence Nationale pour le Développement de la Recherche en Santé(National Agency for the Development of Health Research) Government Algeria
10.13039/501100008014 Agence Régionale de Santé de Champagne-Ardenne(ARS Champagne-Ardenne) Government France
10.13039/501100005305 Agence Thématique de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé(Thematic Research Agency Health Science) Government Algeria
10.13039/501100002708 Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie(AUF) Private Canada
10.13039/501100006542 Agencia Antidroga de la Comunidad de Madrid(Anti-Drug Agency of the Community of Madrid) Government Spain
10.13039/501100007757 Agencia Canaria de Investigación, Innovación y Sociedad de la Información(ACIISI) Government Spain
10.13039/100010145 Agencia Córdoba Ciencia(ACC) Government Spain
10.13039/501100007760 Agencia de Cooperación Internacional de Las Illes Balears(ACIB) Government Spain
10.13039/501100006266 Agencia de Desarrollo Económico(Economic Development Agency) Government Spain
10.13039/501100003030 Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca(Agency for Management of University and Research Grant) Government Spain
10.13039/501100006461 Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía(Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalucia) Government Spain
10.13039/501100008023 Agència de Residus de Catalunya Government Spain
10.13039/501100008138 Agência Espacial Brasileira(AEB) Government Brazil
10.13039/501100004892 Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo(Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) Government Spain
10.13039/501100007761 Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios(AEMPS) Government Spain
10.13039/501100007752 Agencia Laín Entralgo Government Spain
10.13039/100009095 Agência Nacional de Águas(National Water Agency) Government Brazil
10.13039/501100007133 Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica(Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency) Government Brazil
10.13039/501100007434 Agência Nacional de Inovação(National Innovation Agency) Government Portugal
10.13039/100008725 Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación(National Agency for Research and Innovation) Government Uruguay
10.13039/501100003074 Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica(National Agency for Science and Technology, Argentina) Government Argentina
10.13039/501100006487 Agência Nacional do Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis(National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels) Government Brazil
10.13039/501100006253 Agència per a la Competitivitat de l’Empresa(Agency for Business Competitiveness) Government Spain
10.13039/501100005073 Agency for Defense Development(ADD) Government South Korea
10.13039/100008417 Agency for Health Care Policy and Research(AHCPR) Government United States
10.13039/100000133 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality(AHRQ) Government United States
10.13039/501100003087 Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Government Japan
10.13039/501100001348 Agency for Science, Technology and Research(A*STAR) Private Singapore
10.13039/100005220 Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry(ATSDR) Government United States
10.13039/501100003221 Agentschap NL(NL Agency) Government Netherlands
10.13039/501100003132 Agentschap voor Innovatie door Wetenschap en Technologie(Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology, Flanders) Government Belgium
10.13039/100008750 Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos(Agency for Nature and Forests) Government Belgium
10.13039/501100003194 Agentúra Ministerstva školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu SR(Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic for the Structural Funds of EU) Government Slovakia
10.13039/501100005357 Agentúra na Podporu Výskumu a Vývoja(Slovak Research and Development Agency) Government Slovakia
10.13039/501100007801 Agenzia di Ricerca per la Sclerosi Laterale Amiotrofica(Research Agency for ALS) Private Italy
10.13039/501100003197 Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco, Ministero della Salute(Italian Medicines Agency) Government Italy
10.13039/501100007754 Agenzia Regionale del Lazio per i Trapianti e le Patologie Connesse(ART) Government Italy
10.13039/501100007753 Agenzia Regionale per i Parchi(Regional Park Agency) Government Italy
10.13039/501100006664 Agenzia Sanitaria Regionale Abruzzo(Regional Health Agency Abruzzo) Government Italy
10.13039/501100003981 Agenzia Spaziale Italiana(Italian Space Agency) Government Italy
10.13039/501100006663 Agfa HealthCare Private Belgium
10.13039/100000941 Agilent Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004322 Agilent Technologies Private United States
10.13039/501100002709 Agilent Technologies(Agilent Technologies Japan Ltd.) Private Japan
10.13039/501100007183 Agip KCO Private Kazakhstan
10.13039/501100007772 Agir pour les Maladies Chroniques Private France
10.13039/501100007366 Agnes och Mac Rudbergs Stiftelse(Agnes and Mac Rudberg Foundation) Private Sweden
10.13039/100009512 Agnes og Poul Friis Fond Private Denmark
10.13039/501100007484 Agneta Prytz-Folkes och Gösta Folkes Stiftelse Private Sweden
10.13039/100009344 Agouron Institute Private United States
10.13039/100006604 Agouron Pharmaceuticals(Agouron) Private United States
10.13039/501100002710 Agram(Agram S.A.) Private Poland
10.13039/100007608 AgResearch(AgResearch Limited) Government New Zealand
10.13039/100009610 Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority(AVA) Government Singapore
10.13039/501100006661 Agri-Futures Nova Scotia Association(Agri-Futures NS) Private Canada
10.13039/501100008015 Agria Djurförsäkring(Agria Pet Insurance) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100004882 Agricultural Adaptation Council(AAC) Private Canada
10.13039/100008770 Agricultural and Applied Economics Association(Agricultural & Applied Economics Association) Private United States
10.13039/100010712 Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board(AHDB) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001507 Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust(AGMARDT) Private New Zealand
10.13039/501100007605 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran(ABRII) Government Iran
10.13039/100005826 Agricultural Marketing Service(AMS) Government United States
10.13039/100007537 Agricultural Research Council(ARC) Government South Africa
10.13039/501100005076 Agricultural Research Development Agency(ARDA) Private Thailand
10.13039/100007917 Agricultural Research Service(ARS) Government United States
10.13039/100009782 Agricultural Technology Adoption Initiative(ATAI) Private United States
10.13039/501100007834 Agricultural University of Athens(AUA) Government Greece
10.13039/501100008525 Agricultural University of Hebei(AUH) Private China
10.13039/501100000040 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada(Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada) Government Canada
10.13039/100008123 Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board(AHDB) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009620 Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council(AFFRC) Government Japan
10.13039/100007662 Agrigenetics Research Associates(Agrigenetics Research Associates Ltd.) Private United States
10.13039/100010538 Agrisearch Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100003201 Agro-Biotechnology Institute(Agro-Biotechnology Institute, Malaysia) Government Malaysia
10.13039/100007541 Agro-Industry R and D Special Fund of China(Agro-Industry R & D Special Fund of China) Government China
10.13039/100010720 AgroFresh Private United States
10.13039/501100005264 AgroParisTech(Institut des Sciences et Industries du Vivant et de l'Environnement) Private Finland
10.13039/100007599 Agropolis Fondation Private France
10.13039/501100008024 AgroSup Dijon Government France
10.13039/100007609 Agrotain(Agrotain International, LLC) Private United States
10.13039/501100007582 Agrupación Española de Entidades Aseguradoras de los Seguros Agrarios Combinados(Agroseguro) Private Spain
10.13039/501100007264 Agrupación Española de Entidades Aseguradoras de los Seguros Agrarios Combinados S.A.(Spanish Association of Entities Insurance of Agricultural Insurance SA) Private Spain
10.13039/100002098 AGS Foundation for Health in Aging(FHA) Private United States
10.13039/100004698 AgStar Financial Services, ACA Private United States
10.13039/100007551 Ahar Branch, Islamic Azad University(Islamic Azad University of Ahar) Private Iran
10.13039/501100007981 AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100008601 AHDB Potatoes Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100002711 Ahi Evran Üniversitesi(Ahi Evran University) Private Turkey
10.13039/100005327 AHIMA Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100005701 Åhlén-stiftelsen(Åhlén Foundation) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100005001 Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences(AJUMS) Government Iran
10.13039/100005328 AIAA Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002552 Aicardi Syndrome Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100007655 Aichi Cancer Research Foundation(Aichi Cancer Research for the Promotion of Science Foundation) Private Japan
10.13039/501100007331 Aichi Kidney Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/501100007816 Aichi Science and Technology Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/100002553 Aid for Cancer Research Private United States
10.13039/100006392 AIDS Clinical Trials Group Government United States
10.13039/501100005932 AIDS Fondet(Danish AIDS Foundation) Private Denmark
10.13039/100007553 Aids Fonds Private Netherlands
10.13039/100002554 Aids Healthcare Foundation(AHF) Private United States
10.13039/100007554 AIDS Life(Life Ball) Private Austria
10.13039/100007552 AIM at Melanoma(AIM at Melanoma Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100010255 Aims2Cure Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100002352 Ain Shams University Private Egypt
10.13039/100010458 Air Education and Training Command(Air Force Education and Training Command) Government United States
10.13039/100006393 Air Force Civil Engineer Center(U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer Center) Government United States
10.13039/100009924 Air Force Institute of Technology(AFIT) Government United States
10.13039/100006394 Air Force Material Command(AFMC) Government United States
10.13039/100000181 Air Force Office of Scientific Research(AFOSR) Government United States
10.13039/100006602 Air Force Research Laboratory(AFRL) Government United States
10.13039/100007542 Air Liquide Private France
10.13039/501100003203 Air Navigation and Weather Services(ANWS) Government Taiwan
10.13039/100009926 Air University(AU) Government United States
10.13039/100009927 Air War College(AWC) Government United States
10.13039/501100003204 Airbus Private France
10.13039/501100003205 Airbus UK Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100002555 Aircast Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100000358 Airey Neave Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005305 AIST Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007586 Aix-Marseille Universite(Aix-Marseille Université) Government France
10.13039/100003583 AJCC Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100007418 Ajinomoto Pharmaceuticals(Ajinomoto Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.) Private Japan
10.13039/501100002619 Ajou University Private South Korea
10.13039/501100007110 Akademi Sains Malaysia(Academy of Sciences Malaysia) Government Malaysia
10.13039/501100007751 Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanislawa Staszica(AGH University of Science and Technology) Government Poland
10.13039/501100004902 Akademie der Naturwissenschaften(Swiss Academy of Sciences) Government Switzerland
10.13039/501100007429 Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg(Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg) Government Germany
10.13039/501100007771 Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur, Mainz(Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur) Private Germany
10.13039/501100007410 Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen(Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities) Private Germany
10.13039/501100005707 Akademie für Tiergesundheit(AfT) Private Germany
10.13039/501100004240 Akademie ved Ceské Republiky(Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) Government Czech Republic
10.13039/100008365 Akademiet for de Tekniske Videnskaber(Danish Academy of Technical Sciences) Private Denmark
10.13039/501100005423 Akademiska Sjukhuset(Uppsala University Hospital) Private Sweden
10.13039/100007572 Akaeda Medical Research Foundation(Akaeda Foundation) Private Japan
10.13039/100010060 Akal College of Agriculture, Eternal University Private India
10.13039/501100005702 Akasaki Institute, Nagoya University Government Japan
10.13039/501100005703 Akdeniz Üniversitesi(Akdeniz University) Government Turkey
10.13039/100007435 Ake Wibergs Stiftelse(Åke Wiberg Foundation) Private Sweden
10.13039/100007573 Aker Solutions ASA(Aker Solutions) Private Norway
10.13039/501100004056 Akershus University College of Applied Science Private Norway
10.13039/100007574 Akita Prefectural University Government Japan
10.13039/100007591 Akiyama Life Science Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/100000948 Akron Community Foundation(ACF) Private United States
10.13039/100000949 Akron General Development Foundation(AGDF) Private United States
10.13039/501100007066 Akwa Ibom State University(AKSU) Private Nigeria
10.13039/501100003177 AkzoNobel(AkzoNobel N.V.) Private Netherlands
10.13039/100007575 Al Ghurair University(AGU) Private United Arab Emirates
10.13039/501100007614 Al Jouf University Private Saudi Arabia
10.13039/501100007536 Al Zahra University(Al-Zahra University) Government Iran
10.13039/501100004831 Al-Amodi Autism Research Chair, King Saud University(Autism Research and Treatment Center, King Saud University) Government Saudi Arabia
10.13039/100007592 Al-Balqa' Applied University(Al-Balqa Applied University) Government Jordan
10.13039/501100007359 Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture Private Yemen
10.13039/100008745 Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station(AAES) Government United States
10.13039/100006395 Alabama Commission on Higher Education Government United States
10.13039/100007576 Alabama Farmers Federation(ALFA) Private United States
10.13039/100004384 Alabama Power, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100007577 Alabama Soybean Producers, Alabama Farmers Federation(Soybean Division, Alabama Farmers Federation) Private United States
10.13039/100005729 Alabama Space Grant Consortium(ASGC) Private United States
10.13039/100010708 Alabama State University(ASU) Government United States
10.13039/100007580 Alabama Water Resources Research Institute(Alabama WRRI) Government United States
10.13039/100007578 Alabama Wheat and Feed Grain Producers, Alabama Farmers Federation Private United States
10.13039/100005297 Alaska Conservation Foundation(ACF) Private United States
10.13039/100008144 Alaska Department of Fish and Game(ADF&G) Government United States
10.13039/100002557 Alaska Humanities Forum(AKHF) Private United States
10.13039/100005795 Alaska Sea Grant, University of Alaska Fairbanks Private United States
10.13039/100005730 Alaska Space Grant Program(ASGP) Private United States
10.13039/501100008201 Albani Fonden Private Denmark
10.13039/100000943 Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007320 Albert Einstein Cancer Center(AECC) Private United States
10.13039/100007319 Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University(Albert Einstein College of Medicine) Private United States
10.13039/100005910 Albert Ellis Institute(AEI) Private United States
10.13039/100010709 Albert G. and Olive H. Schlink Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100003334 Albert J. Ryan Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002714 Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg(University of Freiburg) Private Germany
10.13039/100009016 Alberta Agricultural Research Institute(AARI) Private Canada
10.13039/100007581 Alberta Cancer Board Private Canada
10.13039/501100000001 Alberta Cancer Foundation Private Canada
10.13039/501100000002 Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research(ACCFCR) Private Canada
10.13039/501100003206 Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation Private Canada
10.13039/100007583 Alberta Conservation Association(ACA) Private Canada
10.13039/100008084 Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund(Alberta Crop IndustryDevelopment Fund Ltd.) Private Canada
10.13039/100009453 Alberta Emerald Foundation Private Canada
10.13039/501100000141 Alberta Foundation for the Arts(AFA) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000144 Alberta Gambling Research Institute, University of Alberta Private Canada
10.13039/501100003178 Alberta Glycomics Centre Government Canada
10.13039/501100003053 Alberta Health Government Canada
10.13039/100007582 Alberta Health Services(AHS) Private Canada
10.13039/501100003179 Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research(AHFMR) Government Canada
10.13039/501100002328 Alberta Ingenuity Private Canada
10.13039/100007584 Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Water Research Government Canada
10.13039/501100000145 Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions(AIHS) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000146 Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures Private Canada
10.13039/501100006677 Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions(AI Bio) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002715 Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency(ALMA) Government Canada
10.13039/501100004925 Alberta Medical Association(AMA) Private Canada
10.13039/100009446 Alberta Science and Technology Leadership Foundation(ASTech Foundation) Private Canada
10.13039/100007585 Alberta Water Research Institute(AWRI) Government Canada
10.13039/100008288 Alborada Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100006933 Albright College Private United States
10.13039/100004345 Alcatel-Lucent Private United States
10.13039/100004346 Alcoa Private United States
10.13039/100000942 Alcoa Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100001510 Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand(ALAC) Private New Zealand
10.13039/501100000280 Alcohol Research UK Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007816 Alcon Private United States
10.13039/100000950 Alcon Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007817 Alcon Research Institute(ARI) Private United States
10.13039/501100001245 Alcorso Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/100008241 Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust(Alder Hey Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007818 Alere Private United States
10.13039/100003478 Alex C. Walker Educational and Charitable Foundation(Alex C. Walker Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001445 Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer Private United States
10.13039/100001353 Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust Private United States
10.13039/100003562 Alexander Foundation for Orthodontic Research and Education(AFORE) Private United States
10.13039/100005474 Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing(AG Bell) Private United States
10.13039/100004160 Alexander H. Steinkoler Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer(Alexander H. Steinkoler Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research) Private United States
10.13039/501100005302 Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation(Onassis Foundation) Private Liechtenstein
10.13039/100005156 Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung(Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/501100002353 Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University(Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine) Private Egypt
10.13039/100005307 Alexia Foundation for World Peace(Alexia Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100006396 Alexion Pharmaceuticals(Alexion) Private United States
10.13039/501100005110 Alfons und Gertrud Kassel-Stiftung(Alfons and Gertrud Kassel Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/501100007469 Alfred Benzon Foundation Private Denmark
10.13039/100005330 Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships(AFPF) Private United States
10.13039/100010266 Alfred Friendly Press Partners(AFPP) Private United States
10.13039/100008969 Alfred Kordelinin Säätiö(Alfred Kordelin Foundation) Private Finland
10.13039/501100005390 Alfred Österlunds Stiftelse(Alfred Österlunds Foundation) Private Sweden
10.13039/100000879 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation(A.P. Sloan Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100002716 Alfred Research Trusts, Alfred Health Private Australia
10.13039/501100003207 Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research(Alfred-Wegener- Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research) Private Germany
10.13039/100006605 Alfreda J. Schueler Trust Private United States
10.13039/501100005306 Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung(Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/501100002718 Algeta(Algeta ASA) Private Norway
10.13039/100001820 Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation(AKRF) Private United States
10.13039/501100002719 Aligarh Muslim University(AMU) Private India
10.13039/501100001427 All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) Private India
10.13039/501100000318 All Saints Educational Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000524 All Souls College, University of Oxford Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007338 All-India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS) Government India
10.13039/100007610 Allan Wilson Centre(Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution) Private New Zealand
10.13039/501100005303 Allard Foundation Private Canada
10.13039/100006397 Allegheny Technologies Incorporated(ATI) Private United States
10.13039/100008915 Allen and Lenabelle Davis Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008796 Allen Foundation(Allen Foundation Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100007819 Allergan(Allergan Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100005616 Allergan Foundation(Allergan, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100002722 AllerGen(AllerGen National Center of Excellence) Private Canada
10.13039/501100008575 Allergia- ja Astmaliitto(Allergy and Asthma Federation) Private Finland
10.13039/100009946 Allergopharma Private Germany
10.13039/501100007146 Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt(AUVA) Private Austria
10.13039/100000953 Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy(ACGT) Private United States
10.13039/100006316 Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100003565 Alliance for Epilepsy Research(AER) Private United States
10.13039/100007855 Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research(AHPSR) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100007820 Alliance for Lupus Research(ALR) Private United States
10.13039/100007279 Alliance for Vision Research Private United States
10.13039/100000954 Alliant Energy Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002723 Allianz Industrie Forschung(German Federation of Industrial Research Associations) Private Germany
10.13039/100004745 Allied Insurance Private United States
10.13039/100010299 Allos Therapeutics Private United States
10.13039/100007821 AlloSource Private United States
10.13039/100007823 Alltech Private United States
10.13039/100006606 Alma B. Stevenson Endowment Fund for Medical Research Private United States
10.13039/501100003209 Almac Discovery Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100003208 Almac Group(Almac) Private Ireland
10.13039/100007822 Almond Board of California Private United States
10.13039/100006400 Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Private United States
10.13039/100005332 Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society(AOA) Private United States
10.13039/100002559 Alpha Omega Foundation, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100002560 Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation(AOII Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100005644 Alpha Phi Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001448 Alpha-1 Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010697 Alphawood Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009268 Alport Syndrome Foundation(Alport Syndrome Foundation Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100002561 ALS Hope Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006401 ALS Recovery Fund Private United States
10.13039/100009017 ALS Society of Canada(ALS Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/100006402 ALS Therapy Alliance Private United States
10.13039/100003566 ALS Therapy Development Institute(ALSTDI) Private United States
10.13039/501100003210 Alstom Group(Alstom) Private France
10.13039/501100003211 Alstom Power Private Switzerland
10.13039/100002564 Alternatives Research and Development Foundation(ARDF) Private United States
10.13039/100005105 Altria Group, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100010146 Alzheimer Forschung Initiative(Alzheimer Forschung Initiative e.V.) Private Germany
10.13039/501100000143 Alzheimer Society(Société Alzheimer) Private Canada
10.13039/501100005309 Alzheimer Society of B.C.(Alzheimer Society of British Columbia) Private Canada
10.13039/501100007662 Alzheimer Society of Manitoba(Alzheimer Manitoba) Private Canada
10.13039/100000957 Alzheimer's Association Private United States
10.13039/501100001001 Alzheimer's Australia Private Australia
10.13039/100006528 Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, Emory University(Emory Alzheimer's Disease Research Center) Private United States
10.13039/100001449 Alzheimer's Disease Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002565 Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation(ADDF) Private United States
10.13039/501100000319 Alzheimer's Research Trust(ARUK) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000320 Alzheimer's Society Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100008599 Alzheimerfonden Private Sweden
10.13039/100007333 Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative(ADNI) Private United States
10.13039/501100002283 Alzheimer’s Research UK(ARUK) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100006403 Am-Arcs of Nevada Private United States
10.13039/501100005308 Amada Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/100005334 Amarillo Area Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010724 Amasya Üniversitesi(Amasya University) Government Turkey
10.13039/100005335 Amateur Chamber Music Players Foundation(ACMP Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001451 Amazon Conservation Association(ACA) Private United States
10.13039/100008536 Amazon Web Services(AWS) Private United States
10.13039/100001246 Ambrose Monell Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100005336 AMBUCS(National AMBUCS?, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100007334 Amdocs Private United States
10.13039/100001290 Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund Private United States
10.13039/100005106 Ameren Corporation Private United States
10.13039/100003569 American Academy for Jewish Research(AAJR) Private United States
10.13039/501100001643 American Academy in Berlin Private Germany
10.13039/501100001682 American Academy in Rome Private Italy
10.13039/100002567 American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology(AAAAI) Private United States
10.13039/100005276 American Academy of Arts and Sciences Private United States
10.13039/100005094 American Academy of Audiology Private United States
10.13039/100003571 American Academy of Audiology Foundation(AAAF) Private United States
10.13039/100005337 American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry(AACAP) Private United States
10.13039/100001934 American Academy of Dermatology(AAD) Private United States
10.13039/100001452 American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation(AAFP Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100005645 American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics Private United States
10.13039/100009884 American Academy of Implant Dentistry(AAID) Private United States
10.13039/100005339 American Academy of Neurology(AAN) Private United States
10.13039/100005340 American Academy of Nursing Private United States
10.13039/100009885 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons(AAOS) Private United States
10.13039/100003572 American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy Foundation(AAOA Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100005193 American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery(AAO-HNS) Private United States
10.13039/100005295 American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) Private United States
10.13039/100005342 American Academy of Periodontology Foundation(AAP Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100006321 American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (AAPL)(AAPL) Private United States
10.13039/100005343 American Academy of Religion(AAR) Private United States
10.13039/100009886 American Academy of Sleep Medicine(AASM) Private United States
10.13039/100006220 American Accounting Association(AAA) Private United States
10.13039/100009867 American Airlines(American Airlines Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100003573 American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance(AAHPERD) Private United States
10.13039/100003574 American Anthropological Association(AAA) Private United States
10.13039/100005279 American Antiquarian Society(AAS) Private United States
10.13039/100005344 American Architectural Foundation(AAF) Private United States
10.13039/100009181 American Art Museum and Renwick Gallery(Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery) Government United States
10.13039/100000043 American Association for Cancer Research(AACR) Private United States
10.13039/100002568 American Association for Clinical Chemistry(AACC) Private United States
10.13039/100005345 American Association for Dental Research(AADR) Private United States
10.13039/100006322 American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry(AAGP) Private United States
10.13039/100000958 American Association for the Advancement of Science(AAAS) Private United States
10.13039/100005347 American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases(AASLD) Private United States
10.13039/100003302 American Association for the Surgery of Trauma(AAST) Private United States
10.13039/100005348 American Association for Thoracic Surgery(AATS) Private United States
10.13039/100003575 American Association of Anatomists(AAA) Private United States
10.13039/100009976 American Association of Avian Pathologists Foundation(AAAP Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100002244 American Association of Blood Banks Private United States
10.13039/100010565 American Association of Bovine Practitioners(AABP) Private United States
10.13039/100005313 American Association of Cereal Chemists International Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010376 American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Private United States
10.13039/100005349 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy(AACP) Private United States
10.13039/100009320 American Association of Critical Care Nurses(AACN) Private United States
10.13039/100006320 American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training(AADPRT) Private United States
10.13039/100009960 American Association of Endocrine Surgeons(AAES) Private United States
10.13039/100002569 American Association of Endodontists Foundation(AAE Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100005350 American Association of Equine Practitioners Foundation(AAEP Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100005314 American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences(AAFCS) Private United States
10.13039/100010262 American Association of Geographers(AAG) Private United States
10.13039/100002570 American Association of Immunologists(The American Association of Immunologists, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100005315 American Association of Law Libraries(AALL) Private United States
10.13039/100008752 American Association of Neurological Surgeons(AANS) Private United States
10.13039/100005648 American Association of Orthodontists Foundation(AAO Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100000959 American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons(AAOS) Private United States
10.13039/100009301 American Association of Petroleum Geologists(AAPG) Private United States
10.13039/100005296 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists(AAPS) Private United States
10.13039/100007325 American Association of Physicists in Medicine(AAPM) Private United States
10.13039/100005353 American Association of Physics Teachers(AAPT) Private United States
10.13039/100002571 American Association of Plastic Surgeons(AAPS) Private United States
10.13039/100009433 American Association of School Librarians(AASL) Private United States
10.13039/100005354 American Association of Teachers of Korean(AATK) Private United States
10.13039/100005280 American Association of University Women(AAUW) Private United States
10.13039/100009964 American Association of Zoo Veterinarians(AAZV) Private United States
10.13039/100008925 American Asthma Foundation(AAF) Private United States
10.13039/100009698 American Astronautical Society(AAS) Private United States
10.13039/100005355 American Australian Association(AAA) Private United States
10.13039/100002572 American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc.(AARDA) Private United States
10.13039/100002573 American Bar Foundation(ABF) Private United States
10.13039/100005331 American Brain Foundation(ABF) Private United States
10.13039/100001453 American Brain Tumor Association(ABTA) Private United States
10.13039/100001935 American Breast Cancer Foundation(ABCF) Private United States
10.13039/100007335 American Bureau of Shipping(ABS) Private United States
10.13039/100000048 American Cancer Society(American Cancer Society, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100005281 American Center for Mongolian Studies(ACMS) Private Mongolia
10.13039/100005356 American Center of Oriental Research(ACOR) Private United States
10.13039/100005300 American Chemical Society(ACS) Private United States
10.13039/100006770 American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund(ACS Petroleum Research Fund) Private United States
10.13039/100007824 American Chemistry Council(ACC) Private United States
10.13039/100006651 American Child Guidance Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008317 American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association(ACPA) Private Austria
10.13039/100005485 American College of Cardiology Foundation(ACC) Private United States
10.13039/100005321 American College of Clinical Pharmacy Research Institute(ACCP) Private United States
10.13039/100009321 American College of Emergency Physicians(ACEP) Private United States
10.13039/100007827 American College of Gastroenterology(ACG) Private United States
10.13039/100009322 American College of Healthcare Architects(ACHA) Private United States
10.13039/100005357 American College of Healthcare Executives(ACHE) Private United States
10.13039/100005298 American College of Neuropsychopharmacology(ACNP) Private United States
10.13039/100002575 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists(ACOG) Private United States
10.13039/100009965 American College of Physicians(ACP) Private United States
10.13039/100005359 American College of Psychiatrists Private United States
10.13039/100009825 American College of Radiology(ACR) Private United States
10.13039/100006384 American College of Radiology Imaging Network(ACRIN) Private United States
10.13039/100000960 American College of Rheumatology Research and Education Foundation(ACR) Private United States
10.13039/100008749 American College of Sports Medicine(ACSM) Private United States
10.13039/100005301 American College of Surgeons(ACS) Private United States
10.13039/100005360 American College of Surgeons Foundation(ACS Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100007825 American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine(ACVIM) Private United States
10.13039/100005361 American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Foundation(ACVIM Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100009961 American College of Veterinary Surgeons Foundation(ACVS Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100000961 American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science(ACWIS) Private United States
10.13039/100003551 American Concrete Institute Foundation(ACI Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100007722 American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists(ACOG) Private United States
10.13039/100008802 American Council for Collaboration in Education and Language Study(ACCELS) Government United States
10.13039/100000962 American Council of Learned Societies(ACLS) Private United States
10.13039/100008803 American Council of Teachers of Russian(ACTR) Government United States
10.13039/100005362 American Council on Education(ACE) Private United States
10.13039/100005363 American Council on Germany Private United States
10.13039/100010529 American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages(ACTFL) Private United States
10.13039/100001936 American Councils Private United States
10.13039/100002576 American Cyronics Society(ACS) Private United States
10.13039/100005364 American Dental Education Association(ADEA) Private United States
10.13039/100002577 American Dental Hygienists' Association(ADHA) Private United States
10.13039/100000041 American Diabetes Association(ADA) Private United States
10.13039/100002578 American Dietetic Association Foundation(ADAF) Private United States
10.13039/100003577 American Dysautonomia Institute(ADI) Private United States
10.13039/100005165 American Educational Research Association(AERA) Private United States
10.13039/100001454 American Epilepsy Society(AES) Private United States
10.13039/100004699 American Express Company Private United States
10.13039/100000965 American Federation for Aging Research(AFAR) Private United States
10.13039/100003578 American Federation for Medical Research(AFMR) Private United States
10.13039/100005365 American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations(AFL-CIO) Private United States
10.13039/100002579 American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association(The American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100002580 American Fidelity Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001937 American Floral Endowment(AFE) Private United States
10.13039/100005366 American Foundation for Aging Research(AFAR) Private United States
10.13039/100006649 American Foundation for Maternal and Child Health Private United States
10.13039/100005496 American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education(AFPE) Private United States
10.13039/100010626 American Foundation for Research and Consumer Education in Social Work Regulation(American Foundation for Research and Consumer Education) Private United States
10.13039/100001455 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention(AFSP) Private United States
10.13039/100005367 American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand(AFSH) Private United States
10.13039/100001456 American Friends of Laniado Hospital Private United States
10.13039/100003579 American Friends of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation(AFAvH) Private United States
10.13039/100006748 American Friends Service Committee(AFSC) Private United States
10.13039/100009560 American Gastroenterological Association(AGA) Private United States
10.13039/100005369 American Geophysical Union(AGU) Private United States
10.13039/100005368 American Geosciences Institute(AGI) Private United States
10.13039/100002582 American Geriatrics Society(AGS) Private United States
10.13039/100007826 American Glaucoma Society(AGS) Private United States
10.13039/100003580 American Hand Therapy Foundation(AHTF) Private United States
10.13039/100010484 American Head and Neck Society(AHNS) Private United States
10.13039/100000967 American Health Assistance Foundation(AHAF) Private United States
10.13039/100009632 American Healthcare Professionals and Friends for Medicine in Israel(APF) Private United States
10.13039/100002583 American Hearing Research Foundation(AHRF) Private United States
10.13039/100000968 American Heart Association(AHA) Private United States
10.13039/100010300 American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association Foundation(AHEPA Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100002584 American Historical Association(AHA) Private United States
10.13039/100004764 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100008438 American Hospital Association(AHA) Private United States
10.13039/100001938 American Hotel and Lodging Educational Foundation(AH&LEF) Private United States
10.13039/100003581 American Hungarian Foundation(AHF) Private United States
10.13039/100005847 American Indian Graduate Center(AIGC) Private United States
10.13039/100009182 American Indian Museum New York(American Indian Museum Heye Center) Government United States
10.13039/100000969 American Institute for Cancer Research(AICR) Private United States
10.13039/100005370 American Institute for Contemporary German Studies(AICGS) Private United States
10.13039/100006051 American Institute for Economic Research(AIER) Private United States
10.13039/100005282 American Institute for Maghrib Studies(AIMS) Private United States
10.13039/100005371 American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies(AISLS) Private Sri Lanka
10.13039/100005283 American Institute for Yemeni Studies(AIYS) Private United States
10.13039/100008531 American Institute of Architects(AIA) Private United States
10.13039/100009603 American Institute of Bangladesh Studies(AIBS) Private Bangladesh
10.13039/100006404 American Institute of Bisexuality(AIB) Private United States
10.13039/100005372 American Institute of Certified Public Accountants(American Institute of CPAs) Private United States
10.13039/100001457 American Institute of Indian Studies(AIIS) Private United States
10.13039/100003582 American Institute of Mathematics(AIM) Private United States
10.13039/100005373 American Institute of Pakistan Studies(AIPS) Private Pakistan
10.13039/100005846 American Institute of Physics(AIP) Private United States
10.13039/100005374 American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine(AIUM) Private United States
10.13039/100002585 American Institutes for Research(AIR) Private United States
10.13039/100004744 American International Group(American International Group, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100005375 American Jewish Historical Society(AJHS) Private United States
10.13039/100001458 American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation(American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100000307 American Library Association(ALA) Private United States
10.13039/100001424 American Liver Foundation(ALF) Private United States
10.13039/100002590 American Lung Association Private United States
10.13039/100002586 American Lung Association in Alabama(ALAA) Private United States
10.13039/100001940 American Lung Association in California Private United States
10.13039/100001941 American Lung Association in Florida Private United States
10.13039/100003584 American Lung Association in Hawaii(ALAH) Private United States
10.13039/100003585 American Lung Association in Maryland Private United States
10.13039/100002589 American Lung Association in North Carolina Private United States
10.13039/100002587 American Lung Association of Indiana Private United States
10.13039/100002591 American Lung Association of the Northeast Private United States
10.13039/100002592 American Lung Association of Virginia Private United States
10.13039/100001939 American Lung Association-Southeast Region Private United States
10.13039/100007732 American Macular Degeneration Foundation(AMDF) Private United States
10.13039/100005376 American Mathematical Society(AMS) Private United States
10.13039/100009457 American Medical Association(AMA) Private United States
10.13039/100001459 American Medical Association Foundation(AMA Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100005377 American Medical Student Association Foundation(AMSA Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100007730 American Medical Systems(AMS) Private United States
10.13039/100005378 American Meteorological Society(AMS) Private United States
10.13039/100005835 American Museum of Natural History(AMNH) Private United States
10.13039/100003586 American Music Therapy Association, Inc.(AMTA) Private United States
10.13039/100005498 American Musicological Society(AMS) Private United States
10.13039/100005526 American Nephrology Nurses' Association(ANNA) Private United States
10.13039/100005380 American Neurotology Society(ANS) Private United States
10.13039/100005414 American Nuclear Society(ANS) Private United States
10.13039/100001942 American Nurses Association(ANA) Private United States
10.13039/100005233 American Nurses Foundation(ANF) Private United States
10.13039/100005415 American Occupational Therapy Association(American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100003587 American Occupational Therapy Foundation(AOTF) Private United States
10.13039/100005341 American Optometric Foundation(AOF) Private United States
10.13039/100002593 American Orchid Society(AOS) Private United States
10.13039/100005381 American Oriental Society(AOS) Private United States
10.13039/100006405 American Ornithologists' Union(AOU) Private United States
10.13039/100005382 American Orthopaedic Association(AOA) Private United States
10.13039/100001460 American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society(AOFAS) Private United States
10.13039/100006608 American Orthopsychiatric Association(AOA) Private United States
10.13039/100002594 American Osteopathic Association(AOA) Private United States
10.13039/100006053 American Osteopathic Foundation(AOF) Private United States
10.13039/100002595 American Otological Society(American Otological Society, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100007733 American Pacific Corporation(AMPAC) Private United States
10.13039/100003588 American Pain Foundation(APF) Private United States
10.13039/100009658 American Pain Society(APS) Private United States
10.13039/100006309 American Parkinson Disease Association(APDA) Private United States
10.13039/100000040 American Parkinson's Disease Foundation(APDA) Private United States
10.13039/100009561 American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders(APFED) Private United States
10.13039/100009458 American Pharmacists Association(APhA) Private United States
10.13039/100002596 American Pharmacists Association Foundation(APhA Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100005383 American Philological Association(APA) Private United States
10.13039/100001461 American Philosophical Society(APS) Private United States
10.13039/100005460 American Physical Society(APS) Private United States
10.13039/100001943 American Physical Therapy Association(APTA) Private United States
10.13039/100007851 American Physicians and Friends for Medicine in Israel(APF) Private United States
10.13039/100002597 American Physicians Fellowship for Medicine in Israel(APF) Private United States
10.13039/100005384 American Physiological Society(APS) Private United States
10.13039/100005385 American Political Science Association(APSA) Private United States
10.13039/100002598 American Porphyria Foundation(APF) Private United States
10.13039/100005386 American Psychiatric Association(APA) Private United States
10.13039/100010259 American Psychiatric Association Foundation(APA Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001944 American Psychiatric Foundation(APF) Private United States
10.13039/100005387 American Psychiatric Institute for Research and Education(APIRE) Private United States
10.13039/100001462 American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc.(APPI) Private United States
10.13039/100005388 American Psychoanalytic Association(APsaA) Private United States
10.13039/100006324 American Psychological Association(APA) Private United States
10.13039/100005389 American Psychological Association of Graduate Students(APAGS) Private United States
10.13039/100001945 American Psychological Foundation(APF) Private United States
10.13039/100006406 American Psychology-Law Society Private United States
10.13039/100005390 American Psychosomatic Society(APS) Private United States
10.13039/100002599 American Public Power Association(APPA) Private United States
10.13039/100006744 American Red Cross Private United States
10.13039/100005284 American Research Center in Egypt(ARCE) Private United States
10.13039/501100007425 American Research Center in Sofia(ARCS) Private Bulgaria
10.13039/100009894 American Research Institute for Policy Development(ARIPD) Private United States
10.13039/100005285 American Research Institute in Turkey(ARIT) Private United States
10.13039/100005391 American Respiratory Care Foundation(ARCF) Private United States
10.13039/100010485 American Rhinologic Society(ARS) Private United States
10.13039/100008744 American Rhododendron Society(ARS) Private United States
10.13039/100005392 American Rivers Private United States
10.13039/100005393 American Roentgen Ray Society(ARRS) Private United States
10.13039/100005394 American School of Classical Studies at Athens(ASCSA) Private Greece
10.13039/100005395 American Schools of Oriental Research(ASOR) Private United States
10.13039/100001946 American Skin Association Private United States
10.13039/100002600 American Sleep Medicine Foundation(ASMF) Private United States
10.13039/100009818 American Society for Cell Biology(ASCB) Private United States
10.13039/100006273 American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies(ASECS) Private United States
10.13039/100000850 American Society for Engineering Education(ASEE) Private United States
10.13039/100001947 American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy(ASGE) Private United States
10.13039/100002602 American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery(American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100005430 American Society for Microbiology(ASM) Private United States
10.13039/100008453 American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition(A.S.P.E.N.) Private United States
10.13039/100008454 American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Rhoads Research Foundation(A.S.P.E.N. Rhoads Research Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100005396 American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing(ASPRS) Private United States
10.13039/100008492 American Society for Public Administration(ASPA) Private United States
10.13039/100007495 American Society for Quality Private United States
10.13039/100001960 American Society for Radiation Oncology(ASTRO) Private United States
10.13039/100002603 American Society for Reproductive Medicine(ASRM) Private United States
10.13039/100005397 American Society for Surgery of the Hand(ASSH) Private United States
10.13039/100009256 American Society for Theatre Research(ASTR) Private United States
10.13039/100005398 American Society of Civil Engineers(ASCE) Private United States
10.13039/100006293 American Society of Clinical Oncology(ASCO) Private United States
10.13039/100005927 American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons(ASCRS) Private United States
10.13039/100005399 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Private United States
10.13039/100002604 American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation(ASCPFoundation) Private United States
10.13039/100005400 American Society of Echocardiography(ASE) Private United States
10.13039/100009893 American Society of Genealogists Private United States
10.13039/100008756 American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers(ASHRAE) Private United States
10.13039/100001422 American Society of Hematology(ASH) Private United States
10.13039/100005401 American Society of Human Genetics(The American Society of Human Genetics, Incorporated) Private United States
10.13039/100005429 American Society of Interior Designers Foundation(ASID Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100010389 American Society of Mammalogists(ASM) Private United States
10.13039/100005402 American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons(ASMS) Private United States
10.13039/100007701 American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) Private United States
10.13039/100010401 American Society of Naturalists(ASN) Private United States
10.13039/100009317 American Society of Naval Engineers(ASNE) Private United States
10.13039/100001463 American Society of Nephrology(ASN) Private United States
10.13039/100009890 American Society of Pediatric Nephrology(ASPN) Private United States
10.13039/100010475 American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology(ASPO) Private United States
10.13039/100009771 American Society of Pharmacognosy(ASP) Private United States
10.13039/100005497 American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics(ASPET) Private United States
10.13039/100005403 American Society of Plant Biologists(ASPB) Private United States
10.13039/100010402 American Society of Plant Taxonomists(ASPT) Private United States
10.13039/100006838 American Society of Primatologists(ASP) Private United States
10.13039/100002605 American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine(ASRA) Private United States
10.13039/100002606 American Society of Safety Engineers Foundation(ASSE Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100005160 American Society of Transplantation(AST) Private United States
10.13039/100001949 American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene(ASTMH) Private United States
10.13039/100005404 American Sociological Association(ASA) Private United States
10.13039/100002607 American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation(ASHFoundation) Private United States
10.13039/100007734 American Sports Medicine Institute(AMSI) Private United States
10.13039/100005503 American Statistical Association(ASA) Private United States
10.13039/100007901 American Stroke Association(ASA) Private United States
10.13039/100005405 American Surgical Association Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006213 American Theatre Wing(ATW) Private United States
10.13039/100001465 American Thoracic Society(ATS) Private United States
10.13039/100002608 American Thyroid Association(ATA) Private United States
10.13039/100001950 American Tinnitus Association(ATA) Private United States
10.13039/100010690 American University(American University, Washington D.C.) Private United States
10.13039/100007688 American University of Beirut(AUB) Private Lebanon
10.13039/501100002724 American University of Sharjah(AUS) Private United Arab Emirates
10.13039/100007735 American Urogynecologic Society(AUGS) Private United States
10.13039/100001466 American Urological Association Foundation(AUA Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100005406 American Veterinary Medical Association(AVMA) Private United States
10.13039/100005407 American Veterinary Medical Foundation(AVMF) Private United States
10.13039/100008878 American Vineyard Foundation(AVF) Private United States
10.13039/100005408 American Water Works Association(AWWA) Private United States
10.13039/100006407 American Water Works Association Research Foundation(AWWA Research Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100007736 American Welding Society(AWS) Private United States
10.13039/100005409 American Welding Society Foundation(AWS Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100003592 American Wildlife Conservation Foundation(American Wildlife Conservation Foundation, INC.) Private United States
10.13039/100005410 American-Italian Cancer Foundation(AICF) Private United States
10.13039/100001468 American-Scandinavian Foundation(ASF) Private United States
10.13039/100005411 Americans for Medical Progress(AMP) Private United States
10.13039/100004746 Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company Private United States
10.13039/100010691 Amerman Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006195 Ames Research Center Government United States
10.13039/100001117 amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research(amfAR) Private United States
10.13039/100002429 Amgen(Amgen Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100000042 Amgen Foundation(Amgen Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100010806 Amgen Nederland(Amgen B.V. Netherlands) Private Netherlands
10.13039/100008789 Amini Foundation for the Study of Affects Private United States
10.13039/501100002725 Amirkabir University of Technology(Tehran Polytechnic) Private Iran
10.13039/501100001428 Amity University Private India
10.13039/100001023 Amon G. Carter Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006408 Amonix Private United States
10.13039/100007611 Amorfix Life Sciences(Amorfix) Private Canada
10.13039/100009526 Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University(Amrita University) Private India
10.13039/100002610 Amschwand Sarcoma Cancer Foundation(ASCF) Private United States
10.13039/100004747 Amway Corporation Private United States
10.13039/100006607 AMX(AMX Co.) Private United States
10.13039/100004323 Amylin Pharmaceuticals Private United States
10.13039/100009269 Amyloidosis Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100000971 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association(ALS Association) Private United States
10.13039/100010725 An-Najah National University Government Palestinian Territory
10.13039/100009183 Anacostia Community Museum(ACM) Government United States
10.13039/501100000840 Anaesthetics Research Society(ARS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005412 Anaheim Center for New Energy Technologies(AC-NET) Private United States
10.13039/100006410 Analog Devices(Analog Devices Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100005194 Analysis and Testing Foundation of Kunming University of Science and Technology Government China
10.13039/501100003322 Analytical Services Unit, Queen's University(ASU) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002727 Ananda Mahidol Foundation Private Thailand
10.13039/501100006133 Anders Jahres Fond til Vitenskapens Fremme(Anders Jahre's Foundation for the Promotion of Science) Private Norway
10.13039/100010812 Anders Otto Swärds Stiftelse Private Sweden
10.13039/100005413 Andersen Corporate Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004700 Andersen Corporation Private United States
10.13039/501100002441 Andong National University Private South Korea
10.13039/100001516 Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies(Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100002614 Andrea-Mennen Family Foundation(TAFF) Private United States
10.13039/100000873 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009971 Andrews University Private United States
10.13039/501100003241 Andromed Private Netherlands
10.13039/100001378 Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Private United States
10.13039/501100002728 Anecova(Anecova SA) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100000080 Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation(APSF) Private United States
10.13039/501100006546 Angelini Pharma(Angelini) Private Italy
10.13039/100001951 Angelman Syndrome Foundation(Angelman Syndrome Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100007745 Angers Loire Métropole Government France
10.13039/100010330 Anglia Ruskin University Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001120 Anglo-Australian Observatory(AAO) Government Australia
10.13039/501100000526 Anglo-Israel Association(AIA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100002925 AngloGold Ashanti Private South Africa
10.13039/501100007127 Anhui Academy of Recycling Economical and Technical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences(Anhui Academy of Recycling Economical and Technical Engineering) Government China
10.13039/501100006462 Anhui Agriculture University(AAU) Government China
10.13039/501100007122 Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences(Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics) Government China
10.13039/501100002947 Anhui Medical University(AHMU) Private China
10.13039/501100002729 Anhui University Private China
10.13039/501100006247 Anhui University of Science and Technology(Anhui Science and Technology University) Government China
10.13039/501100006248 Anhui University of Technology(AHUT) Government China
10.13039/501100006631 Animal and Plant Health Agency(APHA) Government United Kingdom
10.13039/100009168 Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service(APHIS) Government United States
10.13039/100009702 Animal Behavior Society(ABS) Private United States
10.13039/100007473 Animal Diseases Research Association Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100002142 Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency(AHVLA) Government United Kingdom
10.13039/100007612 Animal Health Trust(AHT) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007348 Anita Borg Institute(ABI) Private United States
10.13039/100005510 Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology Private United States
10.13039/501100002730 Ankara Numune Egitim ve Arastirma Hastanesi(Ankara Numune Research and Training Hospital) Private Turkey
10.13039/100007613 Ankara Universitesi(Ankara Üniversitesi) Private Turkey
10.13039/100007614 Ankara Universitesi Biyoteknoloji Enstitusu(Ankara Üniversitesi Biyoteknoloji Enstitüsü) Private Turkey
10.13039/100001359 Ann and Bill Swindells Charitable Trust Private United States
10.13039/100001472 Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100003596 Anna Needs Neuroblastoma Answers(ANNA) Private United States
10.13039/501100005767 Anna University(Anna University, Chennai) Private India
10.13039/100010107 Anna-Lisa och Bror Björnssons Stiftelse Private Sweden
10.13039/501100007422 Anna-Monika-Stiftung(Anna-Monika-Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/100009343 Anne and Harry Zarrow Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100007921 Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Toronto Private Canada
10.13039/100000047 Annenberg Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100005538 Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of South California Private United States
10.13039/100000931 Annie E. Casey Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010820 AnnMari och Per Ahlqvists Stiftelse Private Sweden
10.13039/501100002731 Anqing Normal University Private China
10.13039/501100003325 Ansaldo Energia Private Italy
10.13039/501100001546 Antarctica New Zealand Government New Zealand
10.13039/100010235 Anthony Rothe Memorial Trust(A. Rothe Memorial Trust) Private Australia
10.13039/501100003586 Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission(ACRC) Government South Korea
10.13039/501100007141 Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar(Anti-Doping Lab Qatar) Private Qatar
10.13039/100002615 Anti-Slavery International(Anti-Slavery International, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100008576 Anton Dreher Gedächtnis-Privatstiftung für medizinische Forschung(Anton Dreher Gedächtnisschenkung für medizinische Forschung) Private Austria
10.13039/100006546 Anxiety and Depression Association of America(ADAA) Private United States
10.13039/100002616 Anxiety Disorders Association of America(ADAA) Private United States
10.13039/501100008528 Anyang Institute of Technology(AYIT) Private China
10.13039/501100002442 Anyang University(AYU) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100001702 AO Foundation(AO) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100001473 AO North America(AONA) Private United States
10.13039/100004673 AOL(AOL Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100002617 AORN Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002732 AOSpine(AO Spine International) Private Swaziland
10.13039/501100004855 Aoyama Gakuin University(AGU) Private Japan
10.13039/501100001032 Apex Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/100010163 Apex Foundation For Research Into Intellectual Disability(AFRID) Private Australia
10.13039/100006411 Apex Innnovations Private United States
10.13039/100002618 Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation(AA&MDSIF) Private United States
10.13039/100006708 Appalachian Regional Commission(ARC) Government United States
10.13039/100009708 Appalachian State University(ASU) Private United States
10.13039/100010630 Appalachian Stewardship Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100001121 Apple University Development Fund, Apple University Consortium(AUDF) Private Australia
10.13039/100007471 Applied Basic Research Foundation of Yunnan Province(Yunnan Province Applied and Basic Research Foundation) Private China
10.13039/501100005147 Applied Basic Research Key Project of Yunnan(Applied Basic Research Key Project of Yunnan Province) Government China
10.13039/100007309 Applied Materials Private United States
10.13039/100007310 Applied Materials Israel Private Israel
10.13039/501100004969 Applied Scientific Research Fund(ASRF) Private Jordan
10.13039/100007336 Appraisers Research Foundation(The Appraisers Research Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100001901 ARA Conference, Australian Rheumatology Association Private Australia
10.13039/100001790 Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010567 Arab American Pharmacists Association(AAPA) Private United States
10.13039/501100007815 Arab American University of Jenin(Arab American University - Jenin) Private Palestinian Territory
10.13039/501100002354 Arab Association of Urology(AAU) Private Iraq
10.13039/501100004970 Arab Science and Technology Foundation(ASTF) Private United Arab Emirates
10.13039/501100000352 Arab-British Chamber Charitable Foundation(ABCC) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009606 Arabian Gulf University(AGU) Private Bahrain
10.13039/501100004971 Arai Science and Technology Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/501100004972 Arak University Government Iran
10.13039/501100007113 Arak University of Medical Sciences Government Iran
10.13039/100010486 Aranday Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/501100006693 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dermatologische Forschung(ADF) Private Germany
10.13039/501100007749 Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung der Pneumologie an der Ruhrlandklinik(AFPR) Private Germany
10.13039/501100005404 Arbejdstilsynet(Danish Working Environment Authority) Government Denmark
10.13039/501100003326 ArboraNano(Canadian Forest NanoProducts Network) Private Canada
10.13039/501100006105 ARC Centre of Excellence for Coherent X-Ray Science(CXS) Private Australia
10.13039/100006665 ARC of the Piedmont(The Arc of the Piedmont) Private United States
10.13039/100007677 Arcelor Private Luxembourg
10.13039/501100002734 ArcelorMittal Private Luxembourg
10.13039/100007673 ArcelorMittal Maizieres Research(ArcelorMittal Maizières Research) Private France
10.13039/100005810 Archaeological Institute of America(AIA) Private United States
10.13039/100010238 Archer Daniels Midland(ADM) Private United States
10.13039/100005416 Architectural League of New York Private United States
10.13039/100005417 Archival Education and Research Institute(AERI) Private United States
10.13039/100005418 Archives and Special Collections on Women in Medicine Private United States
10.13039/100009184 Archives of American Art Government United States
10.13039/100005419 Archives of the History of American Psychology(AHAP) Private United States
10.13039/100005244 Arctic Institute of North America(AINA) Private Canada
10.13039/100005420 Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Sustainable Salmon Initiative(AYK SSI) Private United States
10.13039/501100000003 ArcticNet Private Canada
10.13039/501100006662 Ardabil University of Medical Sciences(ARUMS) Government Iran
10.13039/100002029 Ardmore Foundation, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100006412 Areva(AREVA NP Company) Private United States
10.13039/100006224 Argonne National Laboratory, Office of Science(ANL) Government United States
10.13039/100000976 Argosy Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006413 Ariad Pharmaceuticals(Ariad) Private United States
10.13039/100008351 ARISE-The Scoliosis Research Trust(Arise) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006470 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki(Aristotelian University) Private Greece
10.13039/100009285 Arizona Association of Law Libraries(AzALL) Private United States
10.13039/100008335 Arizona Biomedical Research Commission(ABRC) Government United States
10.13039/100005421 Arizona Cancer Center(ACC) Private United States
10.13039/100000977 Arizona Community Foundation(ACF) Private United States
10.13039/100010498 Arizona Cotton Growers Association(ACGA) Private United States
10.13039/100010316 Arizona Cotton Research and Protection Council(ACRPC) Government United States
10.13039/100006634 Arizona Department of Economic Security(AZ DES) Government United States
10.13039/100007306 Arizona Department of Health Services(ADHS) Government United States
10.13039/100009161 Arizona Humanities(AH) Private United States
10.13039/100002621 Arizona Humanities Council(Arizona Humanities) Private United States
10.13039/100001954 Arizona Kidney Foundation(AKF) Private United States
10.13039/100008336 Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy(AzRISE) Private United States
10.13039/100005731 Arizona Space Grant Consortium(AZSGC) Private United States
10.13039/100007482 Arizona State University(ASU) Government United States
10.13039/100007907 Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station(AAES) Private United States
10.13039/100005422 Arkansas Arts Council Government United States
10.13039/100008231 Arkansas Biosciences Institute(ABI) Private United States
10.13039/100009671 Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute(ACHRI) Private United States
10.13039/100000978 Arkansas Community Foundation(ARCF) Private United States
10.13039/100008945 Arkansas Energy Office(AEO) Government United States
10.13039/100001955 Arkansas Humanities Council(AHC) Private United States
10.13039/100008480 Arkansas Research Alliance(ARA) Private United States
10.13039/100008334 Arkansas Science and Technology Authority(Arkansas Science & Technology Authority) Government United States
10.13039/100007483 Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board(ASPB) Private United States
10.13039/100005732 Arkansas Space Grant Consortium(ASGC) Private United States
10.13039/100010604 Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department(AHTD) Government United States
10.13039/100007484 Arkansas State University(ASU) Government United States
10.13039/100010072 Arkansas Tech University(ATU) Private United States
10.13039/100001956 Arkay Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100008030 Arkema Private France
10.13039/100007470 Arkitekt Holger Hjortenberg og Hustru Dagmar Hjortenbergs Fond(Arkitekt Holger Hjortenberg og Hustru Dagmar Hjortenbergs Foundation) Private Denmark
10.13039/501100000408 Arkleton Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007266 Arlene and Arnold Goldstein UAV and Satellite Division, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology(Arlene & Arnold Goldstein Center) Private Israel
10.13039/501100000527 Armagh Observatory Private Ireland
10.13039/100010184 Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center(U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center) Government United States
10.13039/100007485 Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine(AFIRM) Government United States
10.13039/100009533 Armenian National Science and Education Fund(Armenian National Science & Education Fund) Government Armenia
10.13039/100010577 ArmorWorks(ArmorWorks, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100007346 Armstrong Flight Research Center Government United States
10.13039/100001958 Armstrong Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001747 Armstrong McDonald Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008232 Armstrong State University(ASU) Private United States
10.13039/100009919 Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences(ARI) Government United States
10.13039/100000183 Army Research Office(ARO) Government United States
10.13039/100000997 Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008226 Arnold and Mabel Beckman Initiative for Macular Research(Beckman Initiative for Macular Research) Private United States
10.13039/100009403 Arnold Arboretum(Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University) Private United States
10.13039/100007174 Array BioPharma(Array) Private United States
10.13039/501100000528 Art Libraries Society UK and Ireland(ARLIS/UK & Ireland) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007307 Arthrex Private United States
10.13039/100007308 Arthrex GmbH(Arthrex Medizinische Instrumente GmbH) Private Germany
10.13039/501100000940 Arthritis Australia Private Australia
10.13039/100000980 Arthritis Foundation(AF) Private United States
10.13039/100008158 Arthritis Foundation of Australia Private Australia
10.13039/100000964 Arthritis National Research Foundation(ANRF) Private United States
10.13039/100002625 Arthritis Research Initiative Private United States
10.13039/501100000341 Arthritis Research UK Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000142 Arthritis Society(Société de l'arthrite) Private Canada
10.13039/100008542 Arthroscopy Association of North America(AANA) Private United States
10.13039/100003507 Arthur Ashley Williams Foundation(AAW) Private United States
10.13039/100000981 Arthur Foundation(TAF) Private United States
10.13039/100009185 Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Government United States
10.13039/100007702 Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture Stephen F. Austin State University(ATCOFA SFA) Government United States
10.13039/501100007407 Arthur und Aenne Feindt Stiftung(Arthur and Aenne Foes Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/100001073 Arthur Vining Davis Foundations Private United States
10.13039/100008387 Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas A and M University(Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University) Private United States
10.13039/501100000529 Artquest Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001331 Arts and Culture Trust(ACT) Private South Africa
10.13039/100008201 Arts and Health Alliance Private United States
10.13039/501100007818 Arts and Humanities Research Board(AHRB) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000267 Arts and Humanities Research Council(AHRC) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000284 Arts Council England Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001581 Arts Council of Ireland(Chomhairle Ealaíon) Government Ireland
10.13039/501100000366 Arts Council of Northern Ireland Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000343 Arts Council of Wales(ACW) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005425 Arts Midwest Private United States
10.13039/501100000985 Arts NSW Government Australia
10.13039/501100001191 Arts Queensland Government Australia
10.13039/501100001057 Arts SA Government Australia
10.13039/501100008603 Arts South Australia Government Australia
10.13039/501100001070 Arts Tasmania Government Australia
10.13039/501100001125 Arts Victoria Government Australia
10.13039/501100007269 Arts, Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon(AUL) Private Lebanon
10.13039/501100001126 artsACT Government Australia
10.13039/100010821 Arvid Carlsson Fonden Private Sweden
10.13039/100007460 Arvid Nilssons Fond(Arvid Nilsson Foundation) Private Denmark
10.13039/100010739 Arvid och Greta Olins Fond Private Finland
10.13039/100006325 ARVO Foundation for Eye Research(ARVO Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100010108 Arvo ja Inkeri Suomisen Säätiö Private Finland
10.13039/100002627 As You Sow(AYS) Private United States
10.13039/100008233 ASAE Foundation(American Society of Association Executives Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100007684 Asahi Glass Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/100007676 Asahi Group Holdings(Asahi Group) Private Japan
10.13039/100010740 Asahi Kasei Pharma Corporation Private Japan
10.13039/100010728 Asahikawa Medical University(AMU) Government Japan
10.13039/501100005006 Asan Institute for Life Sciences, Asan Medical Center Private South Korea
10.13039/100006092 ASCLS Education and Research Fund(ASCLS E & R Fund) Private United States
10.13039/100005930 ASCRS Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100007276 ASELSAN(ASELSAN A.S.) Private Turkey
10.13039/100009568 Ashikaga Institute of Technology(AIT) Private Japan
10.13039/100005107 Ashland(Ashland Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100001948 ASHP Research and Education Foundation(ASHP Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100000356 Ashridge Business School Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008927 Asia Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100001541 Asia New Zealand Foundation Private New Zealand
10.13039/501100000004 Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada(La Fondation Asie Pacifique du Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/501100001745 Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology(APLAR) Private Hong Kong
10.13039/100010411 Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies(APO) Government Philippines
10.13039/501100005007 Asia University(AU) Private Taiwan
10.13039/100005536 Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research(APN-GCR) Private Japan
10.13039/501100000986 Asialink, University of Melbourne Private Australia
10.13039/100006054 Asian American Journalists Association(AAJA) Private United States
10.13039/100006834 Asian American Studies Center, University of California Los Angeles(UCLA Asian American Studies Center) Private United States
10.13039/100010141 Asian Association for Dynamic Osteosynthesis(AADO) Private Hong Kong
10.13039/501100002620 Asian Center for Theological Studies and Missions, Asia United Theological University(Asia United Theological University) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100001360 Asian Civilisations Museum(ACM) Private Singapore
10.13039/100001476 Asian Cultural Council(ACC) Private United States
10.13039/100004425 Asian Development Bank(ADB) Private Philippines
10.13039/501100006340 Asian Institute of Technology(AIT) Private Thailand
10.13039/100005427 Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies(APAICS) Private United States
10.13039/100005938 Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies(APAICS) Private United States
10.13039/100010568 Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association(APAMSA) Private United States
10.13039/100010507 Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University Government United States
10.13039/501100005917 Asian Transportation Research Society(ATRANS) Private Thailand
10.13039/100005428 Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association(APALA) Private United States
10.13039/100002601 ASIS Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100006339 ASML Private Netherlands
10.13039/100009257 ASN Foundation for Kidney Research(ASN Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100007685 Aso Group Private Japan
10.13039/100007686 Aso Information System Company Private Japan
10.13039/100010759 Asociación Española De Ecología Terrestre(Spanish Association for Terrestrial Ecology) Private Spain
10.13039/100010760 Asociación Española de la Industria y Comercio Exportador de Aceites de Oliva y Aceites(Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional Association) Private Spain
10.13039/100010147 Asociación Española de Pediatría(AEP) Private Spain
10.13039/501100002355 Asociación Española de Psicología Conductual(Spanish Association of Behavioral Psychology) Private Spain
10.13039/100010148 Asociación Española de Urología(AEU) Private Spain
10.13039/100008318 Asociación Española para el Estudio del Hígado(Spanish Association for the Study of the Liver) Private Spain
10.13039/501100007507 Asociación Nacional de Universidades e Instituciones de Educación Superior(ANUIES) Private Mexico
10.13039/501100008545 Asociación Pablo Ugarte(APU) Private Spain
10.13039/501100005008 Asociación para la Conservación de la Cuenca Amazónica(ACCA) Private Peru
10.13039/501100006371 Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Postgrado(AUIP) Private Spain
10.13039/501100003956 Aspect Medical Systems Private Ireland
10.13039/100007739 Aspen Center for Physics(ACP) Private United States
10.13039/100000903 Aspen Institute Private United States
10.13039/100006414 Aspen Technology(AspenTech) Private United States
10.13039/100002631 Aspirus Health Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007692 ASSAB Pacific Private Singapore
10.13039/100009530 Assam University, Silchar(Assam University) Private Bangladesh
10.13039/501100002737 Assessorato Regionale della Salute, Regione Siciliana(Regional Department of Health, Sicily) Government Italy
10.13039/100000985 Assissi Foundation of Memphis Private United States
10.13039/501100002738 Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris(Assistance Publique-Hoˆpitaux de Paris) Private France
10.13039/100009652 Associação Brasil Parkinson(ABP) Private Brazil
10.13039/501100007388 Associação Brasileira de Distrofia Muscular(ABDIM) Private Brazil
10.13039/501100002356 Associação Brasileira de Metalurgia, Materiais e Mineração(Brazilian Association of Metallurgy, Materials and Mining) Private Brazil
10.13039/501100006303 Associação Fundo de Incentivo à Pesquisa(AFIP) Private Brazil
10.13039/501100002361 Associação Médica Brasileira(Brazilian Medical Association) Private Brazil
10.13039/100007390 Associacao Viver a Ciencia(Associação Viver a Ciência) Private Portugal
10.13039/501100000199 Associated Medical Services(AMS) Private Canada
10.13039/100003780 Associated Oregon Loggers(Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100008488 Associated Western Universities(Associated Western Universities, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100007371 Association Anne de Bretagne Genetique(Association Anne de Bretagne Génétique) Private France
10.13039/100007372 Association Belge contre les Maladies Neuro-Musculaires(ABMM) Private Belgium
10.13039/501100006688 Association de Recherche en Virologie et Dermatologie(ARVD) Private France
10.13039/100008320 Association de Recherche sur la Polyarthrite(ARP) Private France
10.13039/100008755 Association des Médecins Vétérinaires du Québec en Pratique des Petits Animaux(Association des Médecins Vétérinaires du Québec) Private Canada
10.13039/100009062 Association des Utilisateurs des Nomenclatures Nationales et Internationales de Santé(AUNIS) Private France
10.13039/501100008553 Association du Syndrome de Lowe(French LSA) Private France
10.13039/100006317 Association for Academic Surgery(AAS) Private United States
10.13039/100006318 Association for Academic Surgery Foundation(AASF) Private United States
10.13039/100005316 Association for Asian Studies(Association for Asian Studies, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100001127 Association for Canadian Studies in Australia and New Zealand(ACSANZ) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000005 Association for Canadian Studies in the United States(ACSUS) Private United States
10.13039/501100001267 Association for Clinical Biochemistry(ACB) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100004665 Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine(ACB) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100003607 Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration(AFTD) Private United States
10.13039/100007373 Association for Geographic Information(AGI) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100002632 Association for Glycogen Storage Disease(AGSD) Private United States
10.13039/100005304 Association for Institutional Research(AIR) Private United States
10.13039/100004435 Association for International Cancer Research(AICR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000391 Association for International Cancer Research(AICR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007283 Association for Library and Information Science Education(ALISE) Private United States
10.13039/100009434 Association for Library Collections and Technical Services(Association for Library Collections & Technical Services) Private United States
10.13039/100005431 Association for Library Service to Children(ALSC) Private United States
10.13039/100010481 Association for Prevention Teaching and Research(APTR) Private United States
10.13039/501100006333 Association for Progressive Communications(Asociación para el Progreso de las Comunicaciones) Private South Africa
10.13039/100009556 Association for Psychological Science(APS) Private United States
10.13039/100006319 Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management(APPAM) Private United States
10.13039/100005426 Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology(Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100002633 Association for Research on Non-Profit Organizations & Voluntary Action(ARNOVA) Private United States
10.13039/100005346 Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies(ASEEES) Private United States
10.13039/100009435 Association for Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies(ASCLA) Private United States
10.13039/100003608 Association for Surgical Education Foundation(ASE Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100001128 Association for Tertiary Education Management(ATEM) Private Australia
10.13039/100005432 Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies(AABS) Private United States
10.13039/100006646 Association for the Aid of Crippled Children(AACC) Private United States
10.13039/501100007248 Association for the Progress of New Chemistry(ASPRONC) Private Japan
10.13039/501100000530 Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour(ASAB) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010375 Association for the Study of Medical Education(ASME) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010562 Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa(ASMEA) Private United States
10.13039/100005433 Association for Women Geoscientists(AWG) Private United States
10.13039/100005434 Association for Women in Mathematics(AWM) Private United States
10.13039/100009622 Association for Women in Science(AWIS) Private United States
10.13039/100005457 Association for Women in Science Educational Foundation(AWIS) Private United States
10.13039/100007393 Association Francaise contre les Myopathies(Association Française contre les Myopathies) Private France
10.13039/501100003750 Association France Alzheimer(French Alzheimer's Association) Private France
10.13039/501100008574 Association France Ekbom(AFE) Private France
10.13039/501100008211 Association France Parkinson(France Parkinson) Private France
10.13039/501100008355 Association Histiocytose France(AHF) Private France
10.13039/501100006367 Association Instituts Carnot(Carnot Institutes Network) Private France
10.13039/501100008399 Association la Petite Maison dans la Prairie Private France
10.13039/501100006332 Association Laurette Fugain(Laurette Fugain) Private France
10.13039/501100003032 Association Nationale de la Recherche et de la Technologie(National Association for Research and Technology) Government France
10.13039/100008223 Association of Academic Physiatrists(AAP) Private United States
10.13039/100002634 Association of American Geographers(AAG) Private United States
10.13039/100005435 Association of American Medical Colleges(AAMC) Private United States
10.13039/100009679 Association of American Railroads(AAR) Private United States
10.13039/501100000834 Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain(AAGBI) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007567 Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland(AAGBI) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007600 Association of British Paediatric Nurses(ABPN) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008481 Association of Canadian Universities for Research in Astronomy(ACURA) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000281 Association of Clinical Pathologists(ACP) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005436 Association of College and Research Libraries(ACRL) Private United States
10.13039/501100000531 Association of Commonwealth Universities(ACU) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008764 Association of Community Health Nursing Educators(ACHNE) Private United States
10.13039/100006237 Association of Health Care Journalists(AHCJ) Private United States
10.13039/100009284 Association of Law Libraries of Upstate New York(ALLUNY) Private United States
10.13039/100009315 Association of Management Consulting Firms(AMCF) Private United States
10.13039/501100001424 Association of management development institutions in South Asia(AMDISA) Private India
10.13039/501100000006 Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada(L’ASSOCIATION POUR LA MICROBIOLOGIE MÉDICALE ET L’INFECTIOLOGIE (AMMI) CANADA) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000532 Association of Medical Research Charities(AMRC) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010480 Association of Migraine Disorders(AMD) Private United States
10.13039/100009215 Association of Military Surgeons of the United States(AMSUS) Private United States
10.13039/100005437 Association of Physician Assistants in Obstetrics and Gynecology(APAOG) Private United States
10.13039/100005452 Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics(APGO) Private United States
10.13039/100008482 Association of Public Health Laboratories(APHL) Private United States
10.13039/100005423 Association of Research Libraries(ARL) Private United States
10.13039/100006427 Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health(ASPPH) Private United States
10.13039/100008224 Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions(ASAPH) Private United States
10.13039/100005453 Association of Schools of Public Health(ASPH) Private United States
10.13039/100005454 Association of Science-Technology Centers(ASTC) Private United States
10.13039/501100006341 Association of Super-Advanced Electronics Technologies(ASET) Private Japan
10.13039/501100000345 Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland(ASGBI) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100006240 Association of Surgical Education(ASE) Private United States
10.13039/100005455 Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians(AZVT) Private United States
10.13039/100005456 Association of Zoos and Aquariums(AZA) Private United States
10.13039/501100007249 Association Philippe Jabre(APJ) Private Lebanon
10.13039/501100006510 Association pour la Recherche sur la Sclérose Latérale Amyotrophique et autres Maladies du Motoneurone(Association pour la Recherche sur la Sclérose Latérale Amyotrophique) Private France
10.13039/100007391 Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer(ARC) Private France
10.13039/100009662 Association pour la Recherche Thérapeutique Anti-Cancéreuse(Association for Research on Treatment against Cancer) Private France
10.13039/501100006342 Association Vaincre la Mucoviscidose(Vaincre la Mucoviscidos) Private France
10.13039/100010824 Associazione Angela Serra per la Ricerca sul Cancro(Associazione Angela Serra) Private Italy
10.13039/501100007880 Associazione Bianca Garavaglia(Bianca Garavaglia Association) Private Italy
10.13039/100007377 Associazione Comuni Terremotati e Sindaci della Ricostruzione del Friuli Private Italy
10.13039/100007374 Associazione Consiglieri della Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia Private Italy
10.13039/501100007195 Associazione Cristina Bassi Private Italy
10.13039/100007375 Associazione Emma e Ernesto Rulfo per la Genetica Medica Private Italy
10.13039/501100007250 Associazione Genitori Contro le Leucemie e Tumori Infantili(Association of Parents Against Leukemia and Childhood Cancers) Private Italy
10.13039/501100006695 Associazione Iblea per la Ricerca Epidemiologica(Associazione Iblea per la Ricerca Epidemiologica - ONLUS) Private Italy
10.13039/501100006694 Associazione Italiana Contro le Leucemie - Linfomi e Mieloma(Associazione Italiana Contro le Leucemie - Linfomi e Mieloma ONLUS) Private Italy
10.13039/100007376 Associazione Italiana di Oncologia Medica(AIOM) Private Italy
10.13039/501100006343 Associazione Italiana di Tecnologia Meccanica(Italian Association of Mechanical Technology) Private Italy
10.13039/100009057 Associazione Italiana per la Lotta al Neuroblastoma Private Italy
10.13039/501100005010 Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro(Italian Assocation for Cancer Research) Private Italy
10.13039/100010787 Associazione Italiana Rett(Italian Association of Rett Syndrome) Private Italy
10.13039/100007378 Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla(Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society) Private Italy
10.13039/501100007268 Associazione Ricerca Malattie Immunologiche e Allergiche(Associazione Ricerca Malattie Immunologiche ed Allergiche) Private Italy
10.13039/501100008414 Associazione Sammarinese per la Lotta Contro le Leucemie e le Emopatie Maligne(ASLEM) Private San Marino
10.13039/501100006689 Associazione Sarda per la Ricerca in Oncologia Ginecologica ONLUS(Associazione Sarda per la Ricerca in Oncologia Ginecologica-ONLUS) Private Italy
10.13039/501100005011 Assumption University of Thailand(AU) Private Thailand
10.13039/100005108 Assurant Solutions Private United States
10.13039/100010693 Astellas European Foundation(AEF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007263 Astellas Foundation for Research on Metabolic Disorders Private Japan
10.13039/501100004948 Astellas Pharma(Astellas) Private Japan
10.13039/501100006044 Astellas Pharma Europe Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007705 Astellas Pharma Global Development Private United States
10.13039/100004324 Astellas Pharma US(Astellas) Private United States
10.13039/100010692 Astellas USA Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002284 Asthma Australia Private Australia
10.13039/501100000988 Asthma Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/501100000952 Asthma Foundation of ACT Private Australia
10.13039/501100004949 Asthma Foundation of Tasmania Private Australia
10.13039/501100001048 Asthma Foundation of Victoria Private Australia
10.13039/501100001060 Asthma Foundation of Western Australia Private Australia
10.13039/501100001531 Asthma Foundation, New Zealand Private New Zealand
10.13039/501100001025 Asthma Foundations Australia Private Australia
10.13039/501100000362 Asthma UK Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100004950 Aston University(Aston) Government United Kingdom
10.13039/100004325 AstraZeneca Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100005205 AstraZeneca Australia Private Australia
10.13039/100008207 AstraZeneca Canada Private Canada
10.13039/501100004599 AstraZeneca Korea Private South Korea
10.13039/100007725 Astrobiology Research Trust(ART) Private United States
10.13039/100008329 Astronomical Society of Japan(ASJ) Private Japan
10.13039/100010607 Astronomy Australia Limited(Astronomy Australia Ltd.) Private Australia
10.13039/100007726 Astrophysics Science Division(ASD) Government United States
10.13039/100009777 Astute Medical(Astute Medical, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100004347 AT and T(AT&T Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100004951 Atatürk Üniversitesi(Atatürk University) Government Turkey
10.13039/501100000346 Ataxia UK Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006001 Ateneo de Manila University(Pamantasang Ateneo de Manila) Private Philippines
10.13039/100008229 Athabasca University(AU) Private Canada
10.13039/100008314 Athens University of Economics and Business(AUEB) Private Greece
10.13039/100000986 Atherton Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100004981 Athlone Institute of Technology(Institiúid Teicneolaíochta Bhaile Átha Luain) Government Ireland
10.13039/501100005183 Atilim Üniversitesi(Atilim University) Private Turkey
10.13039/501100000197 Atkinson Charitable Foundation Private Canada
10.13039/100008801 Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute(ACTSI) Private United States
10.13039/501100004952 Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency(Agence de Promotion Économique du Canada Atlantique) Government Canada
10.13039/100004426 Atlantic Philanthropies Private United States
10.13039/501100006762 Atlantic Research Center for Information and Communication Technologies(AtlantTIC) Private Spain
10.13039/100010216 Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center(AUTEC) Government Bahamas
10.13039/501100005613 Atlantic Veterinary College(AVC) Private Canada
10.13039/100007729 Atmel Corporation(Atmel) Private United States
10.13039/501100005181 Atomic Energy Council(AEC) Government Taiwan
10.13039/501100004953 Atomic Energy of Canada Limited(Énergie Atomique du Canada Limitée) Government Canada
10.13039/501100005186 Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Government of India(AERB) Government India
10.13039/501100000766 Atomic Weapons Establishment(AWE) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007330 AtriCure Private United States
10.13039/501100001690 Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation(AISF) Private Japan
10.13039/501100007634 AU Optronics(AU Optronics Corp.) Private Taiwan
10.13039/100007579 Auburn University(AU) Government United States
10.13039/501100001511 Auckland Medical Research Foundation(AMRF) Private New Zealand
10.13039/100008928 Auckland Regional Council(ARC) Government New Zealand
10.13039/100008205 Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand(Te Wānanga Aronui o Tāmaki Makau Rau, Aotearoa) Private New Zealand
10.13039/501100001079 auDA Foundation(auDA) Private Australia
10.13039/100008330 Audax Medical(Audax Medical, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100009231 Audrey and Theodor Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth(Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth) Private United States
10.13039/100007331 Augmenix Private United States
10.13039/501100004954 Augustinus Fonden(Augustinus Foundation) Private Denmark
10.13039/100009063 Aurora Health Care Private United States
10.13039/501100004601 Aus- und Weiterbildungseinrichtung für Klinische Verhaltenstherapie(AWKV) Private Germany
10.13039/501100007260 Aust-Agder Utviklings- og Kompetansefond(Stiftelsen Aust-Agder Utviklings- og Kompetansefond) Private Norway
10.13039/100000987 Austin Community Foundation(ACF) Private United States
10.13039/501100005107 Australasian Blistering Diseases Foundation(ABDF) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001129 Australasian Centre for Italian Studies(ACIS) Private Australia
10.13039/100008489 Australasian College for Emergency Medicine(ACEM) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001130 Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy(AusIMM) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001131 Australasian Sleep Association(ASA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001132 Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research(ASPR) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001133 Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists(ASCEPT) Private Australia
10.13039/100009074 Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association(ASSTA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001113 Australasian Urological Foundation(AUF) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001229 Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited(ANZ) Private Australia
10.13039/501100005102 Australia and New Zealand Children’s Heart Research Centre Private Australia
10.13039/501100001037 Australia and Pacific Science Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/501100001137 Australia Awards Government Australia
10.13039/501100000929 Australia Council for the Arts, Australian Government Government Australia
10.13039/501100001763 Australia-China Council(ACC) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001134 Australia-India Strategic Research Fund(AISRF) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001135 Australia-Israel Scientific Exchange Foundation, Swinburne University of Technology(AISEF) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001049 Australia-Japan Foundation(AJF) Private Australia
10.13039/501100006669 Australian Abalone Growers Association(AAGA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000969 Australian Academy of Science Private Australia
10.13039/501100000989 Australian Academy of the Humanities Private Australia
10.13039/100008230 Australian Acoustical Society(AAS) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000972 Australian Agency for International Development(AusAID) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001136 Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists(ANZCA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100005108 Australian Antarctic Division(AAD) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001066 Australian Association for Academic Primary Care(AAAPC) Private Australia
10.13039/100008766 Australian Association of Gerontology(AAG) Private Australia
10.13039/100010403 Australian Association of Social Workers(AASW) Private Australia
10.13039/501100004661 Australian Astronomical Observatory(AAO) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001138 Australian Biological Resources Study(ABRS) Government Australia
10.13039/100009028 Australian Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases(Australian Biosecurity CRC) Government Australia
10.13039/501100000947 Australian Cancer Research Foundation(ACRF) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000990 Australian Catholic University(ACU) Private Australia
10.13039/501100005157 Australian Centre for Field Robotics(ACFR) Government Australia
10.13039/501100004511 Australian Centre for Geomechanics(ACG) Private Australia
10.13039/100009781 Australian Centre for HIV and Hepatitis Virology Research(ACH2) Government Australia
10.13039/501100000974 Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research(ACIAR) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001052 Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis, University of Melbourne(ACERA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001141 Australian Coal Association Research Program(ACARP) Private Australia
10.13039/100008711 Australian Coal Research Limited(ACR) Private Australia
10.13039/100010625 Australian College of Critical Care Nurses(ACCCN) Private Australia
10.13039/501100002292 Australian College of Nursing(ACN) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001142 Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine(ACRRM) Private Australia
10.13039/100008999 Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care(ACSQHC) Government Australia
10.13039/100008345 Australian Communications Consumer Action Network(ACCAN) Private Australia
10.13039/100010579 Australian Customs and Border Protection Service(ACBPS) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001186 Australian Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust(ACFRT) Private Australia
10.13039/501100003805 Australian Dental Association(ADA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100004799 Australian Dental Research Foundation(ADRF) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001065 Australian Diabetes Society(ADS) Private Australia
10.13039/100007400 Australian Dingo Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/501100005158 Australian e-Health Research Centre(AEHRC) Government Australia
10.13039/100007622 Australian Education International, Australian Government(AEI) Government Australia
10.13039/501100000976 Australian Egg(AECL) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001144 Australian European University Institute Fellowships Association(AEUIFAI) Private Australia
10.13039/501100007917 Australian European University Institute Fellowships Association Incorporated(Australian European University Institute Fellowships Association) Private Australia
10.13039/100009066 Australian Federal Police(AFP) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001140 Australian Federation of Graduate Women - ACT(AFGW-ACT) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000992 Australian Federation of Graduate Women Inc.(AFGW) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000993 Australian Federation of University Women South Australia(AFUW-SA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001022 Australian Flora Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/100010164 Australian Football League(AFL) Private Australia
10.13039/100010321 Australian Geographic Society(AG Society) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001068 Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency(AHPRA) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001145 Australian Historical Association(AHA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001103 Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute(AHURI) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000994 Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies(AIATSIS) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001072 Australian Institute of Criminology(AIC) Government Australia
10.13039/100010580 Australian Institute of Family Studies(AIFS) Government Australia
10.13039/501100005104 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australian Government(AIHW) Government Australia
10.13039/100008344 Australian Institute of Marine Science(AIMS) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001023 Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering(AINSE) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001762 Australian Institute of Physics(AIP) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001244 Australian Institute of Policy and Science(AIPS) Private Australia
10.13039/100009064 Australian Institute of Sport(AIS) Government Australia
10.13039/100007621 Australian International Education Foundation(AIEF) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001146 Australian Library and Information Association(ALIA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001034 Australian Liver Foundation(ALF) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000946 Australian Lung Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/501100001147 Australian Marine Sciences Association(AMSA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100005990 Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute(AMSI) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001148 Australian Museum Private Australia
10.13039/501100001768 Australian National Botanic Gardens(ANBG) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001766 Australian National Commission for UNESCO Government Australia
10.13039/100010581 Australian National Data Service(ANDS) Private Australia
10.13039/100008015 Australian National Fabrication Facility(ANFF) Private Australia
10.13039/100008494 Australian National Low Emissions Coal Research and Development(Australian National Low Emissions Coal Research & Development) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001149 Australian National Maritime Museum(ANMM) Private Australia
10.13039/100008706 Australian National Preventive Health Agency(ANPHA) Government Australia
10.13039/501100000995 Australian National University(ANU) Private Australia
10.13039/100008206 Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation(ANSTO) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001033 Australian Orchid Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/501100001200 Australian Orthopaedic Association(AOA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001059 Australian Pain Society(APS) Private Australia
10.13039/100010631 Australian Periodontology Research Foundation(APRF) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001116 Australian Physiotherapy Association(APA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000978 Australian Pork Private Australia
10.13039/501100001151 Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute, Australian National University(APHCRI ANU) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001152 Australian Prime Ministers Centre(APMC) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001062 Australian Psychological Society(APS) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001153 Australian Publishers Association(APA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100005105 Australian Renewable Energy Agency, Australian Government(ARENA) Government Australia
10.13039/501100000923 Australian Research Council(ARC) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001031 Australian Respiratory Council(ARC) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001036 Australian Rotary Health Private Australia
10.13039/501100001156 Australian School of Taxation, University of New South Wales(Atax) Private Australia
10.13039/100008331 Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre(Australian Seafood CRC) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001157 Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology(ASBMB) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001158 Australian Society for Fish Biology(ASFB) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000983 Australian Society for Medical Research(ASMR) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001159 Australian Society for Microbiology(ASM) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001160 Australian Society for Parasitology(ASP) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001161 Australian Society of Anaesthetists(ASA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001162 Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists Research Foundation(ASEG) Private Australia
10.13039/100009234 Australian Society of Orthodontists(ASO) Private Australia
10.13039/100009235 Australian Society of Orthodontists Foundation for Research and Education(ASO Foundation for Research and Education) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001163 Australian Society of Plant Scientists(ASPS) Private Australia
10.13039/501100005106 Australian Solar Institute(Australian Solar Institute Limited) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001024 Australian Spinal Research Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/501100001021 Australian Sports Commission(ASC) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001164 Australian Synchrotron Private Australia
10.13039/100010592 Australian Telecommunications and Electronics Research Board(Australian Telecommunications & Electronics Research Board) Government Australia
10.13039/501100001165 Australian War Memorial Private Australia
10.13039/100008712 Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence Government Australia
10.13039/100008315 Australian Wildlife Conservancy(AWC) Private Australia
10.13039/501100002182 Australian Wildlife Society Private Australia
10.13039/501100001035 Australian Women and Childrens Research Foundation(Ozwac) Private Australia
10.13039/100008708 Australian Wool Innovation(Australian Wool Innovation Limited) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001058 Australian-American Fulbright Commission Private Australia
10.13039/501100001822 Austrian Academy of Sciences(Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften) Private Austria
10.13039/501100006106 Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology(ACIB) Private Austria
10.13039/501100006427 Austrian Institute of Technology(AIT) Private Austria
10.13039/501100002428 Austrian Science Fund(FWF) Private Austria
10.13039/100003612 Autism Research Foundation(The Autism Research Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100007332 Autism Research Institute(ARI) Private United States
10.13039/100008152 Autism Science Foundation(ASF) Private United States
10.13039/100003613 Autism Society of America Foundation(ASA Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100000073 Autism Speaks(Autism Speaks, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100008161 Autistica Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100004959 AUTO21 Network of Centres of Excellence(Réseau de Centres d'Excellence AUTO21) Government Canada
10.13039/501100003328 AutoCRC Government Australia
10.13039/100004675 Autodesk, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100008192 Automotive Research Center(ARC) Private United States
10.13039/100005109 Autonation Private United States
10.13039/501100005802 Autoritatea Nationala pentru Cercetare Stiintifica(National Authority for Scientific Research) Government Romania
10.13039/100008948 Avalon Rare Metals(Avalon Rare Metals Inc.) Private Canada
10.13039/100004363 Avaya(Avaya Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100010593 Avery Design Systems(Avery Design Systems Inc) Private United States
10.13039/100010185 Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center(U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center) Government United States
10.13039/501100005014 Avicenna Research Institute(ARI) Government Iran
10.13039/100008692 Avicenna Tajik State Medical University(Tajik State Medical University) Private Tajikistan
10.13039/100009394 Avisonic Technology Corporation(Avisonic) Private Taiwan
10.13039/501100008577 Avohoidon Tutkimssäätiö Private Finland
10.13039/100000142 Avon Foundation for Women Private United States
10.13039/100007694 AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center(AVRDC) Private Taiwan
10.13039/501100001117 AW Howard Memorial Trust Government Australia
10.13039/100008153 Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences(Awesome Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100001961 AXA Research Fund(Le Fonds AXA pour la Recherche) Private France
10.13039/100010822 Axel Linders Stiftelse Private Sweden
10.13039/100010727 Axel Muusfeldts Fond(AMF) Private Denmark
10.13039/100006737 Axelrod Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007752 Axis IT and T(Axis) Private India
10.13039/100007751 AXISCADES(Axiscades Engineering Technologies) Private India
10.13039/501100002741 Ayatollah Amoli Branch, Islamic Azad University Private Iran
10.13039/501100006059 Azad University in Oxford(Azad University (IR) in Oxford) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100004304 Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University Government Iran
10.13039/100009067 Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Maggiore della Carità(Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Maggiore della Carità di Novara) Private Italy
10.13039/100010796 Azm and Saade Association(Association Azm et Saadé) Private Lebanon
10.13039/501100005155 Azrieli Foundation Private Canada
10.13039/501100002357 AZTI-Tecnalia Private Spain
10.13039/100010702 Azusa Pacific University(APU) Private United States
10.13039/501100007285 B-IT Foundation(Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/100007535 B. Braun Medical Private United States
10.13039/100007534 B. Braun Melsungen(B. Braun Melsungen AG) Private Germany
10.13039/100010345 B. Braun-Stiftung(B. Braun Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/100008204 B. John Garrick Foundation for the Advancement of the Risk Sciences(Garrick Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100004932 B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences(BPKIHS) Government Nepal
10.13039/501100005143 B.S. Foundation of Shandong Province(Doctoral Foundation of Shandong Province) Government China
10.13039/501100005141 Babelfamily Private Spain
10.13039/100010578 Babes in Arms(Babes in Arms, Inc.) Private Canada
10.13039/501100006011 Babol Noshirvani University of Technology(Babol University of Technology) Government Iran
10.13039/501100005716 Babol University of Medical Sciences(BUMS) Private Iran
10.13039/100001477 Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation(Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100008316 Baden-Württemberg Stiftung(Baden-Württemberg Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/100008869 Bader Philanthropies(Bader Philanthropies, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100002443 Baekseok University(BU) Private South Korea
10.13039/100008505 Bagley College of Engineering, Mississippi State University(Bagley College of Engineering) Private United States
10.13039/100007713 Bahauddin Zakariya University Government Pakistan
10.13039/501100005872 Bahir Dar University(BDU) Private Ethiopia
10.13039/100009557 BAIF Development Research Foundation(BAIF) Private India
10.13039/501100001262 Baily Thomas Charitable Fund Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100006487 Baker Hughes(Baker Hughes Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100004430 Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute Private Australia
10.13039/501100006352 Baki Dövlət Universiteti(Baku State University) Private Azerbaijan
10.13039/100003616 Bakken Museum Private United States
10.13039/501100006007 Balassi Intézet(Balassi Institute) Private Hungary
10.13039/501100004491 Balikesir Üniversitesi(Balikesir University) Government Turkey
10.13039/100000989 Ball Brothers Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100005110 Ball Corporation Private United States
10.13039/100008326 Ball State University(Ball State) Private United States
10.13039/100010540 Ballard Power Systems Private Canada
10.13039/501100006558 Balliol College Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100002647 Baltic-American Partnership Fund(BAPF) Private United States
10.13039/100005465 Baltimore Community Foundation(BCF) Private United States
10.13039/501100002742 Banaras Hindu University(BHU) Private India
10.13039/501100003770 Banca d'Italia(Bank of Italy) Government Italy
10.13039/501100005142 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria(BBVA) Private Spain
10.13039/100007706 Banco Central de Venezuela(BCV) Private Venezuela
10.13039/100010784 Banco Santander Private Spain
10.13039/501100007822 Bangalore University(BU) Government India
10.13039/100007712 Bangkok University Private Thailand
10.13039/501100005867 Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute(BARI) Government Bangladesh
10.13039/501100005999 Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(BCSIR) Government Bangladesh
10.13039/501100008229 Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute(BFRI) Government Bangladesh
10.13039/501100005963 Bangladesh Rice Research Institute(BRRI) Government Bangladesh
10.13039/501100006000 Bangladesh University of Health Sciences(BUHS) Private Bangladesh
10.13039/501100003547 Bangor University Government United Kingdom
10.13039/100002486 Bank of America Private United States
10.13039/501100000065 Bank of Canada(Banque du Canada) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000533 Bank of England Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009075 Bankhead-Coley Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010292 Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100000064 Banting and Best Diabetes Centre, University of Toronto(BBDC) Private Canada
10.13039/100010231 Banting Research Foundation Private Canada
10.13039/100007716 Banyu Life Science Foundation International Private Japan
10.13039/501100002743 Baoji University of Arts And Sciences(BUAS) Private China
10.13039/100000990 Baptist Community Ministries(BCM) Private United States
10.13039/501100007305 Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Baqai Medical University Private Pakistan
10.13039/501100007304 Baqai Medical University(BMU) Private Pakistan
10.13039/501100005849 Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences(Baqiyatallah Medical Sciences University) Private Iran
10.13039/501100008115 Baqyiatallah University of Medical Sciences(BMSU) Private Iran
10.13039/501100002744 Bar-Ilan University Private Israel
10.13039/100010385 Barakat Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005467 Barbara Bates Center for The Study of the History of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania Private United States
10.13039/100008483 Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100006433 Barcelona Supercomputing Center(Centro Nacional de Supercomputación) Government Spain
10.13039/100010719 Barclays Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001269 BARD Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009346 Bard College Private United States
10.13039/100006626 Bard College Student Government(Bard College Student Council) Private United States
10.13039/100009347 Bard Summer Research Institute, Bard College Private United States
10.13039/501100004877 Bardham Research and Education Trust(Bardham Research and Education Trust of Rotherham) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000534 Baring Foundation Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006428 Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal(Barkatullah University, Bhopal) Private India
10.13039/100007711 Barker Welfare Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100006313 Barncancerfonden(Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100004973 Barndiabetesfonden Private Sweden
10.13039/100004701 Barnes & Noble, Inc.(B&N) Private United States
10.13039/100010627 Barr Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008228 Barra Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002650 Barrett Bateman Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008418 Barrick Gold Corporation(Barrick) Private Canada
10.13039/100009797 Barrow Neurological Foundation(BNF) Private United States
10.13039/100000991 Barry Community Foundation(BCF) Private United States
10.13039/100007173 Barry University Private United States
10.13039/100002651 Barth Syndrome Foundation(BSF) Private United States
10.13039/501100007111 Bartin Üniversitesi(Bartin University) Private Turkey
10.13039/501100005313 Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry Government United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007625 Basaveshwar Engineering College(Basaveshwar Engineering College, Bagalkot) Private India
10.13039/100004349 BASF Private Germany
10.13039/100007487 BASF Corporation Private United States
10.13039/100007488 BASF Schweiz(BASF Suisse) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100006151 Basic Energy Sciences(BES) Government United States
10.13039/501100005144 Basic Research Program of Jiangsu Education Department Government China
10.13039/501100005145 Basic Research Program of Jiangsu Province Government China
10.13039/501100005146 Basic Research Programs of Sichuan Province Government China
10.13039/100006949 Basis International Private United States
10.13039/501100005003 Baskent Üniversitesi(Baskent University) Private Turkey
10.13039/501100008212 Bassir-Thomas Biomedical Foundation(Bassir Thomas Foundation) Private Nigeria
10.13039/100005466 Bat Conservation International(BCI) Private United States
10.13039/100008691 Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education(Batchelor Institute) Government Australia
10.13039/100008203 Batchworth Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010331 Bath Spa University Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100000992 Baton Rouge Area Foundation(braf) Private United States
10.13039/100009535 Baton Rouge Area Foundation(BRAF) Private United States
10.13039/100000993 Battelle Private United States
10.13039/100010446 Batten Disease Family Association(BDFA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005468 Batten Disease Support and Research Association(BDSRA) Private United States
10.13039/100008596 Batten Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia(Batten Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Virginia Darden School of Business) Government United States
10.13039/100000994 Battle Creek Community Foundation(BCCF) Private United States
10.13039/501100007368 Bauer-Hollmann Stiftung(Bauer-Hollman Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/501100007252 Baugarten Stiftung(Baugarten Foundation) Private Switzerland
10.13039/501100006708 Bauhaus-Universität Weimar(Bauhaus University Weimar) Government Germany
10.13039/501100006754 Bauman Moscow State Technical University(Bauman MSTU) Private Russia
10.13039/100007489 Bausch and Lomb Private United States
10.13039/100007490 Bausch and Lomb Ireland Private Ireland
10.13039/100009431 Baxalta(Baxalta Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100009430 Baxter BioScience Private United States
10.13039/100007658 Baxter Healthcare Corporation Private United States
10.13039/100010741 Baxter Innovations Private Austria
10.13039/100004702 Baxter International(Baxter International Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100005643 Baxter International Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010521 Baxter Nederland(Baxter Nederland B.V.) Private Netherlands
10.13039/100001417 Bay and Paul Foundations Private United States
10.13039/100006673 Bay Area Black United Fund(BABUF) Private United States
10.13039/100001489 Bay Area Community Foundation(BACF) Private United States
10.13039/100004326 Bayer Private United States
10.13039/100007659 Bayer Corporation Private United States
10.13039/100008791 Bayer CropScience Private Germany
10.13039/501100000801 Bayer Healthcare(BHC) Private Germany
10.13039/501100006010 Bayer Schering Private Germany
10.13039/501100005067 Bayerisch-Französisches Hochschulzentrum(Centre de Coopération Universitaire Franco-Bavarois) Government Germany
10.13039/501100007306 Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften(Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities) Government Germany
10.13039/501100002745 Bayerische Forschungsstiftung(Bavarian Research Foundation) Government Germany
10.13039/501100004563 Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Bildung und Kultus, Wissenschaft und Kunst(State Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and the Arts) Government Germany
10.13039/501100005017 Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Infrastruktur, Verkehr und Technologie(Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology) Government Germany
10.13039/501100005341 Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst(Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts) Government Germany
10.13039/501100006463 Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft und Medien, Energie und Technologie(Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology) Government Germany
10.13039/100007660 Bayhill Therapeutics Private United States
10.13039/100010272 Baylor Collections of Political Materials(BCPM) Private United States
10.13039/100007856 Baylor College of Medicine Private United States
10.13039/100007915 Baylor College of Medicine(BCM) Private United States
10.13039/100007282 Baylor Health Care System Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007492 Baylor University(Baylor) Private United States
10.13039/501100007307 Bayworld Centre for Research and Education(Bayworld Centre for Research & Education) Private South Africa
10.13039/501100005614 BC Cancer Agency(British Columbia Cancer Agency) Government Canada
10.13039/501100002746 BC Hydro Private Canada
10.13039/501100003332 BC Renal Agency(BC Provincial Renal Agency) Government Canada
10.13039/100007668 BCFRST Foundation Private Canada
10.13039/100008952 BCIT School of Energy Private Canada
10.13039/100001738 Be The Match Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009218 Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries(Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, Clarkson University) Private United States
10.13039/100007669 Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute(BHCRI) Private Canada
10.13039/100009232 Beatson Cancer Charity Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007740 Beaumont Health System(Beaumont) Private United States
10.13039/100001972 Beaver County Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002655 Beckman Coulter Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100005471 Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Private United States
10.13039/100001490 Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic(BLI) Private United States
10.13039/100008307 Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope(Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope) Private United States
10.13039/501100007253 Bedford Institute of Oceanography(Institut Océanographique de Bedford) Government Canada
10.13039/501100005019 Beef Cattle Research Council(BCRC) Private Canada
10.13039/100009547 Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology(APA Division 6: Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology) Private United States
10.13039/501100008459 Behavioural Science institute, Radboud University(BSI) Government Netherlands
10.13039/100007661 Behrakis Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100005323 Beifang University of Nationalities Government China
10.13039/501100002358 Beihang University(Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) Private China
10.13039/501100007934 Beijing Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences(BAAFS) Government China
10.13039/501100002359 Beijing Academy of Food Sciences(BAFS) Private China
10.13039/501100005020 Beijing Afforestation Foundation(Beijing Afforestation Fund) Private China
10.13039/501100005081 Beijing Council of Science and Technology Government China
10.13039/501100005021 Beijing Cultural Development Foundation(BCDF) Government China
10.13039/501100005082 Beijing Education Committee Cooperation Building Foundation Project Government China
10.13039/501100005083 Beijing Excellent Doctoral Thesis Project Government China
10.13039/501100005084 Beijing Excellent Ph.D. Thesis Guidance Foundation Government China
10.13039/501100008346 Beijing Foreign Studies University(BFSU) Government China
10.13039/501100005085 Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) Government China
10.13039/501100005022 Beijing Jiaotong University(BJTU) Government China
10.13039/501100005086 Beijing Jiaotong University Research Program Government China
10.13039/501100008343 Beijing Language and Culture University(BLCU) Government China
10.13039/501100005088 Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health Government China
10.13039/501100002888 Beijing Municipal Commission of Education(Beijing Municipal Education Commission) Government China
10.13039/501100003213 Beijing Municipal Education Commission(Beijing Municipal Education Committee) Government China
10.13039/501100005089 Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation Government China
10.13039/501100002726 Beijing Normal University(BNU) Private China
10.13039/501100005090 Beijing Nova Program Government China
10.13039/501100005024 Beijing Postdoctoral Research Foundation Government China
10.13039/501100005706 Beijing Technology and Business University(BTBU) Government China
10.13039/501100004478 Beijing Union University(BUU) Government China
10.13039/501100003352 Beijing University of Agriculture(BUA) Government China
10.13039/501100007302 Beijing University of Chemical Technology(BUCT) Private China
10.13039/501100004846 Beijing University of Chinese Medicine(BUCM) Government China
10.13039/501100008521 Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture(BUCEA) Private China
10.13039/501100002766 Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(BUPT) Private China
10.13039/501100003444 Beijing University of Technology(BJUT) Government China
10.13039/501100005087 Beijing Key Lab of Fine Ceramics Opening Fund Government China
10.13039/501100007730 Beilstein-Institut zur Förderung der Chemischen Wissenschaften Private Germany
10.13039/100005472 Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University Private United States
10.13039/501100000410 Beit Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007595 Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research(BRFFR) Private Belarus
10.13039/501100007609 Belarusian State University(Universidad Estatal de Belarús) Private Belarus
10.13039/100005473 Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University Private United States
10.13039/100001491 Belgian American Educational Foundation(Belgian American Educational Foundation Inc.) Private Belgium
10.13039/501100008031 Belgian Brain Tumor Support(BBTS) Private Belgium
10.13039/501100005027 Belgisch Ontwikkelingsagentschap(Belgian Development Agency) Private Belgium
10.13039/501100005998 Belgorod National Research University(Belgorod State National Research University) Private Russia
10.13039/501100003288 Bell Canada Enterprises(BCE) Private Canada
10.13039/100007853 Bell Labs, Alcaltel-Lucent(Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs) Private United States
10.13039/501100005103 Bellingen Shire Council Government Australia
10.13039/100005475 Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Private United States
10.13039/100008222 Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation(Ivy Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001618 Ben and Maytee Fisch Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006415 Ben B. and Iris M. Margolis Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009721 Ben May Charitable Trust Private United States
10.13039/501100005005 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev(Ben-Gurion University) Government Israel
10.13039/100010150 Beneficia Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100006348 Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla(Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla) Private Mexico
10.13039/501100007607 Benesse Corporation Private Japan
10.13039/501100007608 Benesse Holdings(Benesse Holdings, Inc.) Private Japan
10.13039/501100007924 Bengbu Medical College(BBMC) Government China
10.13039/501100004503 Benha University Government Egypt
10.13039/100008537 Benign Essential Blepharospasm Research Foundation(BEBRF) Private United States
10.13039/100006963 Benjamin and Adith Miller Family Endowment on Aging, Alzheimer's, and Autism Research Private United States
10.13039/501100005028 Benozyio Foundation Private Israel
10.13039/501100006305 Benteler International AG(Benteler) Private Germany
10.13039/100005476 Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan Private United States
10.13039/100009216 Bently Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002660 Benton Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100006475 Bergens Forskningsstiftelse(Bergen Research Foundation) Private Norway
10.13039/100010583 Berger Family Technology Transfer Endowment Private United States
10.13039/100009536 Bergmark Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009998 Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies(BIJLIS) Private United States
10.13039/100001494 Berks County Community Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004688 Berkshire Hathaway(Berkshire Hathaway Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100000999 Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100006755 Berliner Sparkassenstiftung Medizin(Berliner Sparkasse Foundation Medicine) Private Germany
10.13039/100010305 Bernadotte Foundation For Children’s Eyecare(Sigvard and Marianne Bernadotte Research Foundation for Children’s Eyecare) Private United States
10.13039/100006934 Bernard and Esther Besner Infant Research Fund Private United States
10.13039/100010703 Bernard and Irene Schwartz Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010151 Bernard Judd Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/100000834 Bernard Osher Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007409 Bernard van Leer Foundation(Fundación Bernard van Leer) Private Netherlands
10.13039/501100006259 Berner Fachhochschule(Bern University of Applied Sciences) Government Switzerland
10.13039/100001483 Bernice Barbour Foundation(Bernice Barbour Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100002994 Bernice E. Holland Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100007622 Bernische Krebsliga(Bernese Cancer League) Private Switzerland
10.13039/501100002348 Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Tübingen Private Germany
10.13039/100008327 Berry College Private United States
10.13039/501100006354 Berth von Kantzows Stiftelse Private Sweden
10.13039/501100005030 Berthold Australia Private Australia
10.13039/100009562 Berthold Leibinger Stiftung Private Germany
10.13039/100010735 Bertil and Britt Svenssons Stiftelse för Belysningsteknik Private Sweden
10.13039/501100006516 Bertil Hållstens Forskningsstiftelse(Hållsten Research Foundation) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100005403 Beskæftigelsesministeriet(Ministry of Employment) Government Denmark
10.13039/100005477 Beta Phi Mu Private United States
10.13039/100005615 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center(BIDMC) Private United States
10.13039/100009525 Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness(BIHW) Private United States
10.13039/100001496 Beveridge Family Foundation(Beveridge Family Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100001166 beyondblue Private Australia
10.13039/501100008347 Bezmiâlem Vakif Üniversitesi(Bezmialem Vakif University) Government Turkey
10.13039/100008622 BG Group Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100002360 BGI(Beijing Genomics Institute) Private China
10.13039/501100005031 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC) Government India
10.13039/501100007299 Bharathiar University(Bharathiar University, Coimbatore) Private India
10.13039/501100007624 Bharti Centre for Communication Private India
10.13039/501100007623 Bharti Foundation Private India
10.13039/501100005617 BHF Centre of Research Excellence, Oxford(BHF Centre of Research Excellence in Oxford) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006429 Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre(Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre) Private India
10.13039/501100006525 BHP Billiton Private Australia
10.13039/100008446 Bibbi och Nils Jensens Stiftelse(Bibbi and Nils Jensen Foundation) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100000535 Bibliographical Society Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005500 Bibliographical Society of America(BSA) Private United States
10.13039/501100000062 Bibliographical Society of Canada(La Société bibliographique du Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000061 Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec(BAnQ) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000868 Biffa Award Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000385 Big Lottery Fund Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007229 Bijzonder Onderzoeksfonds(Special Research Fund) Private Belgium
10.13039/501100004006 Bilimsel Arastirma Projeleri Birimi, Istanbul Üniversitesi(Department of Scientific Research Projects, Istanbul University) Government Turkey
10.13039/501100006349 Bilkent Üniversitesi(Bilkent University) Private Turkey
10.13039/100005833 Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Emory University(FCHI) Private United States
10.13039/100000865 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009053 Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health(Gates Institute) Private United States
10.13039/100001409 Billings Clinic Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008451 Binghamton University Government United States
10.13039/501100005034 Binus University(Bina Nusantara University) Private Indonesia
10.13039/501100007322 Binzhou Medical University(BMU) Private China
10.13039/100007741 Bio-Imaging Technologies(Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100007173 Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution(BRAIN) Government Japan
10.13039/100005849 Biochemical Society Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000373 Biochemical Society Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007742 BioClinica(BioClinica, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100007777 Biocon(Biocon Limited) Private India
10.13039/100010429 Biodel(Biodel Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100007727 Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University Government United States
10.13039/100006594 Biodiversity Institute, Florida Museum of Natural History Government United States
10.13039/100010600 BioElectric(BioElectric Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100006337 Bioforsk(Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research) Private Norway
10.13039/100007494 BioFrontiers Institute, University of Colorado Boulder(CU) Government United States
10.13039/100010499 BioFrontiers Institute, University of Colorado Colorado Springs(BioFrontiers-UCCS) Government United States
10.13039/100010606 BioFuelNet Canada(BFN) Private Canada
10.13039/100005642 Biofuels Center of North Carolina Private United States
10.13039/100005614 Biogen Private United States
10.13039/100006314 Biogen Idec Private United States
10.13039/501100006300 Biognos AB(Biognos) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100001441 Bioinformatics Institute - A STAR(BII) Private Singapore
10.13039/100007840 Bioland Private South Korea
10.13039/501100005734 Biologian Laitos, Oulun Yliopisto Government Finland
10.13039/100006206 Biological and Environmental Research(BER) Government United States
10.13039/501100005221 Biological Interactions Doctoral Programme(BIOINT) Private Finland
10.13039/100006773 Biology Department, Gannon University Private United States
10.13039/100008484 BioMarin Pharmaceutical(BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100006160 Biomass Program Government United States
10.13039/100008557 Biomedical Engineering Department, University of Michigan(University of Michigan Biomedical Engineering) Private United States
10.13039/100005502 Biomedical Engineering Society(BMES) Private United States
10.13039/100007496 Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development, VA Office of Research and Development(VA Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development) Government United States
10.13039/100001978 Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana(BRF) Private United States
10.13039/501100003756 Biomedicum Helsinki-säätiö(Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation) Private Finland
10.13039/100008450 Biomet Private United States
10.13039/100008753 Biomet 3i Private United States
10.13039/100009636 Biomet Deutschland(Biomet Deutschland GmbH) Private Germany
10.13039/100010181 Biometrics Identity Management Agency(BIMA) Government United States
10.13039/100007617 BioMimetic Therapeutics(BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100006042 Biophysical Sciences Institute(BSI) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007497 Biosense Webster Private United States
10.13039/501100000268 Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council(BBSRC) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007181 Biotechnology Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences(BRC, TUOMS) Government Iran
10.13039/501100005876 Biotieteiden ja Ympäristön Tutkimuksen Toimikunta(Research Council for Biosciences and Environment) Private Finland
10.13039/501100005035 Biotronik Private Germany
10.13039/100004454 Bioversity International Private Italy
10.13039/501100001683 Bioversity International Private Italy
10.13039/100005501 BIRD Foundation(Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation) Private Israel
10.13039/100010586 Bird Technologies(Bird Electronic Corporation) Private United States
10.13039/100010337 BirdLife Australia Private Australia
10.13039/501100005117 Birjand University of Medical Sciences Government Iran
10.13039/501100007254 Birla Institute of Scientific Research(BISR) Private India
10.13039/501100006464 Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani(Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani) Private India
10.13039/100009537 Birmingham City University(BCU) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010332 Bishop Grosseteste University(BGU) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006369 Bitlis Eren Üniversitesi(Bitlis Eren University) Private Turkey
10.13039/100004692 Black & Decker(BDK) Private United States
10.13039/100005504 Black Metropolis Research Consortium(BMRC) Private United States
10.13039/501100000390 Blackie Foundation Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100002672 Blacksmith Institute, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100009779 Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network(BCAN) Private United States
10.13039/100005505 Blakemore Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002235 Blanche Moore Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007499 Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Fund Private United States
10.13039/100009875 Blazeman Foundation for ALS Private United States
10.13039/501100006359 Blekinge Tekniska Högskola(Blekinge Institute of Technology) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100001268 BLISS Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007596 Bloddonorerne i Danmark(Blood Donors in Denmark) Private Denmark
10.13039/100007788 Blood Disease Research Foundation Private Finland
10.13039/100008495 Blood Systems Research Institute(BSRI) Private United States
10.13039/100008411 Bloodcenter Research Foundation(Bloodcenter Research Foundation Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100007903 Bloodwise Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100001982 Bloom's Syndrome Foundation(BSF) Private United States
10.13039/100007500 Bloomberg Family Foundation(Bloomber Philanthropies) Private United States
10.13039/100004703 Bloomberg L.P. Private United States
10.13039/100010653 Bloorview Research Institute(BRI) Private Canada
10.13039/100001500 Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001501 Blue and You Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas Private United States
10.13039/100007501 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association(BCBS) Private United States
10.13039/100005506 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004385 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts(Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100001502 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation(BCBSM Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001002 Blue Shield of California Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100005641 BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina Foundation(BCBSNC Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001428 BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100003628 BlueCross of Idaho Foundation for Health Inc.(BCI Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100010587 Bluefin Robotics(Bluefin Robotics Corporation) Private United States
10.13039/100010588 BlueScope Steel Private Australia
10.13039/100007502 Blum Center for Developing Economies, University of California Berkeley(Blum Center) Government United States
10.13039/100005111 BMC Software(BMC Software, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100005507 BMI Foundation(BMI Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100002750 BMS College of Engineering(BMS College of Engineering Bangalore) Private India
10.13039/100004704 BMW of North America, LLC(BMW NA) Private United States
10.13039/501100007218 BNA Nutrition Animale(BNA) Private France
10.13039/501100002751 BNP Paribas Cardif Private France
10.13039/100006741 BNY Mellon Private United States
10.13039/501100005645 Bộ Giáo dục và Ðào tạo(Ministry of Education and Training) Government Vietnam
10.13039/501100006082 Bộ Nông Nghiệp và Phát Triển Nông Thôn(Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) Government Algeria
10.13039/501100006362 Bo Rydins Stiftelse för Vetenskaplig Forskning(Bo Rydin Foundation for Scientific Research) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100003582 Board of Audit and Inspection(BAI) Government South Korea
10.13039/501100006593 Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences(BRNS) Government India
10.13039/100001420 Bodman Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002752 Bodossaki Foundation Private Greece
10.13039/100008534 BodyMedia(BodyMedia Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100001003 Boehringer Ingelheim(Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals) Private United States
10.13039/100008349 Boehringer Ingelheim Private Germany
10.13039/501100001645 Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds(BIF) Private Germany
10.13039/501100008454 Boehringer Ingelheim Stiftung(Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/100000003 Boeing(Boeing Company) Private United States
10.13039/100003630 Boeing's Global Corporate Citizenship(Boeing's GCC) Private United States
10.13039/100005508 Boettcher Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100005037 Bogaziçi Üniversitesi(Bogazici University) Government Turkey
10.13039/100006096 Bogliasco Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100001684 Bogliasco Foundation(Fondation Bogliasco) Private Italy
10.13039/100001004 Bohemian Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007233 Boise State University(Bosie State) Government United States
10.13039/100007544 Boler Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008110 Boler-Parseghian Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases(Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases) Private United States
10.13039/100010162 Bolu Bağışçılar Vakfı(BBV) Private Turkey
10.13039/501100006363 Bolyai Foundation Private Romania
10.13039/100007526 Bombardier Private Canada
10.13039/100007527 Bombardier Transportation Private Germany
10.13039/501100001789 Bond University Private Australia
10.13039/100007720 Bone and Joint Canada(BJC) Private Canada
10.13039/100006106 Bone and Joint Decade Canada(BJDC) Private Canada
10.13039/100006105 Bone and Joint Initiative USA(United States Bone and Joint Initiative) Private United States
10.13039/100006416 Bone and Joint Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Center, University of Michigan(Bone and Joint Injury Prevention Centre of the University of Michigan) Private United States
10.13039/100001005 Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100007255 Bonizzi-Theler Stiftung Private Switzerland
10.13039/501100007283 Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology(B-IT) Private Germany
10.13039/501100007284 Bonn-Aachen International Research School of Applied Information Technology(B-IT Research School) Private Germany
10.13039/100010167 Bonnie Babes Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/100009270 Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation(ALCF) Private United States
10.13039/501100005040 Bontius Stichting(Bontius Foundation) Government Netherlands
10.13039/100001100 Boomer Esiason Foundation(BEF) Private United States
10.13039/100004689 Booz Allen Hamilton(BAH) Private United States
10.13039/501100003333 Borbos Erik Hansson Stiftelse(Borbos Erik Hansson Fund) Private Sweden
10.13039/100005509 Borchard Foundation Center on Law and Aging Private United States
10.13039/100005112 Borders Private United States
10.13039/501100008203 Borealis(Borealis AG) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100002652 Borsa Istanbul Anonim Sirketi Private Turkey
10.13039/100008472 Bosarge Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100006524 Bose Centre for Advanced Study and Research in Natural Sciences, University of Dhaka(Bose Centre for Advanced Study and Research in Natural Sciences) Private Bangladesh
10.13039/100009253 Boston Area Research Initiative(BARI) Private United States
10.13039/100005511 Boston Athenaeum Private United States
10.13039/100006823 Boston Children's Hospital(BCH) Private United States
10.13039/100005303 Boston College(BC) Private United States
10.13039/100006713 Boston Foundation(The Boston Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100005534 Boston Foundation for Architecture(BFA) Private United States
10.13039/100007504 Boston Medical Center(BMC) Private United States
10.13039/100006739 Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company Private United States
10.13039/100008497 Boston Scientific Corporation(Boston Scientific) Private United States
10.13039/100005512 Boston Society of Architects(BSA) Private United States
10.13039/100007161 Boston University(BU) Private United States
10.13039/100007265 Boston University School of Medicine(BUSM) Private United States
10.13039/100008682 Boston VA Research Institute(Boston VA Research Institute, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100010426 Botanical Society of America(BSA) Private United States
10.13039/501100002291 Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland(BSBI) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000536 Botanical Society of the British Isles(BSBI) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100005377 Botswana College of Agriculture(BCA) Government Botswana
10.13039/100009145 Botswana International University of Science and Technology(Botswana International University of Science & Technology) Private Botswana
10.13039/100010704 Botwinick-Wolfensohn Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008473 Bournemouth University(BU) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007601 Bourns College of Engineering, University of California, Riverside(Bourns College of Engineering) Private United States
10.13039/100009146 Bouygues Telecom Private France
10.13039/100007872 Bowel and Cancer Research(Bowel & Cancer Research) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000863 Bowel Disease Research Foundation(BDRF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007603 Bowland Charitable Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100006633 Bowling Green State University(BGSU) Government United States
10.13039/100007604 Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research(Boyce Thompson Institute For Plant Research Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100006719 Boys Town(Father Flanagan’s Home for Boys) Private United States
10.13039/501100006564 Bozok Üniversitesi(Bozok University) Private Turkey
10.13039/100004364 BP(BP, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100000775 BP Global Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010023 BPP University(BPP University Limited) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100008220 Bracco Imaging(Bracco Imaging S.p.A.) Private Italy
10.13039/100003909 Brad Kamisky Foundation(TBKF) Private United States
10.13039/100009147 Bradford Centre for Sustainable Environments, University of Bradford(BCSE) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008195 Bradley University Private United States
10.13039/501100004580 Bradlow Foundation Private South Africa
10.13039/100002687 Bradshaw-Knight Foundation, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100007039 Brady Education Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009156 Bragg Institute Government Australia
10.13039/501100008221 Braile Biomédica Private Brazil
10.13039/100000874 Brain and Behavior Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100000942 Brain Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/100000882 Brain Research Foundation(BRF) Private United States
10.13039/501100002754 Brain Research Imaging Centre, University of Edinburgh(BRIC) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000368 Brain Research Trust(BRT) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009810 Brain Science Institute, Johns Hopkins University(Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute) Private United States
10.13039/100005513 Brain Tumor Funders' Collaborative Private United States
10.13039/501100002203 Brain Tumour Charity Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000238 Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada(Fondation canadienne des tumeurs cérébrales) Private Canada
10.13039/100010152 BrainScope Company(BrainScope Company, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100006479 BrainWatch(BrainWatch Ltd.) Private Israel
10.13039/100005514 Braitmayer Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008498 Brandan’s Eye Research Foundation Private Canada
10.13039/100007864 Brandeis University Private United States
10.13039/501100007408 Branschföreningen Tågoperatörerna(Association of Swedish Train Operating Companies) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100002764 BRANZ(Building Research Levy) Private New Zealand
10.13039/100010368 Brasenose College, University of Oxford Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005515 Bread and Roses Community Fund Private United States
10.13039/100005516 Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, Middlebury College Private United States
10.13039/501100000537 Breakthrough Breast Cancer Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009307 Breakthrough Institute Private United States
10.13039/100001513 Breast Cancer Alliance(BCA) Private United States
10.13039/501100000301 Breast Cancer Campaign Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100002688 Breast Cancer Help, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100009794 Breast Cancer Now Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007913 Breast Cancer Now Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008560 Breast Cancer Relief Foundation(The Breast Cancer Relief Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001006 Breast Cancer Research Foundation(BCRF) Private United States
10.13039/501100000538 Breast Cancer Research Trust(BCRT) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100002689 Breast Health Institute(BHI) Private United States
10.13039/100008350 Bremerhavener Gesellschaft für Investitionsförderung und Stadtentwicklung(Bremerhaven Economic Development Company) Government Germany
10.13039/100003867 Brenen Hornstein Autism Research & Education Foundation(BHARE Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100002755 Brennan and Company Private Ireland
10.13039/100001514 Brentwood Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010168 Brewers Association of Australia and New Zealand Private Australia
10.13039/100008150 Brewster Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009236 Brian Daniel Corrigan Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002756 Brian Mercer Charitable Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100003259 Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund(Piccolo Fund) Private United States
10.13039/100010654 BrickStreet Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002476 Bridgestone Americas, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100010232 Bridgewater State University(BSU) Government United States
10.13039/100005292 Brigham and Women's Hospital(BWH) Private United States
10.13039/100008552 Brigham Research Institute(BWH Brigham Research Institute) Private United States
10.13039/100006756 Brigham Young University(BYU) Private United States
10.13039/100006312 BrightFocus Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009348 BrightSpark Foundation(Bright Spark Foundation) Private Australia
10.13039/100009831 Brin Wojcicki Foundation(Brin Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001008 Brinson Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002491 Bristol-Myers Squibb(BMS) Private United States
10.13039/100008021 Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada(BMS Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/100001009 Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100006381 Britannia University(BU) Private Bangladesh
10.13039/501100000286 British Academy Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100002757 British American Tobacco Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000539 British and Foreign School Society(BFSS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007849 British Antarctic Survey(BAS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000540 British Association for American Studies(BAAS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000372 British Association for Cancer Research(BACR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000541 British Association for Chinese Studies(BACS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000542 British Association for Irish Studies(BAIS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000543 British Association for Japanese Studies(BAJS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000544 British Association for Psychopharmacology(BAP) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000687 British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies(BASEES) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001301 British Association for Surgery of the Knee(BASK) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000545 British Association of Dermatologists(BAD) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010378 British Association of Endocrine and Thyroid Surgeons(BAETS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100002758 British Atmospheric Data Centre(BADC) Government United Kingdom
10.13039/100009699 British Biophysical Society(BBS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000546 British Blood Transfusion Society(BBTS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008486 British Burn Association(BBA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000237 British Columbia Arts Council(BCAC) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000235 British Columbia Environmental & Occupational Health Research Network (BCEOHRN)(BCEOHRN) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000063 British Columbia Innovation Council(BCIC) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002748 British Columbia Institute of Technology(BCIT) Private Canada
10.13039/501100007711 British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund(BCKDF) Government Canada
10.13039/100008774 British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Lands(BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000547 British Computer Society(The Chartered Institute for IT) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000308 British Council Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000367 British Council for Prevention of Blindness(BCPB) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009558 British Deer Society(BDS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010394 British Dietetic Association(BDA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000409 British Ecological Society(BES) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000549 British Educational Research Association(BERA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009289 British Exploring Society(British Exploring) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000307 British Federation of Women Graduates(BFWG) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100002760 British Geological Survery Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000550 British Geriatrics Society(BGS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000274 British Heart Foundation(BHF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010227 British Herpetological Society(BHS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000864 British HIV Association(BHIVA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100004664 British Infection Association(BIA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000841 British Infection Society(BIS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000412 British Institute at Ankara(BIAA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000551 British Institute for the Study of Iraq(BISI) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000552 British Institute in Eastern Africa(BIEA) Private Kenya
10.13039/501100000553 British Institute of Persian Studies(BIPS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000554 British Institute of Radiology(BIR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010482 British International Studies Association(BISA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008219 British Interplanetary Society(BIS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000351 British Lung Foundation(BLF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006377 British Malaysian Institute, Universiti Kuala Lumpur(Universiti Kuala Lumpur British Malaysian Institute) Private Malaysia
10.13039/501100000374 British Medical Association(BMA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000555 British Microcirculation Society(BMS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009689 British Mycological Society(BMS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000556 British Nuclear Medicine Society(BNMS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000557 British Nutrition Foundation(BNF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000309 British Occupational Health Research Foundation(BOHRF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008023 British Ornithologists’ Union(BOU) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008602 British Orthopaedic Association Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000558 British Orthopaedic Research Society(BORS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000559 British Pharmacological Society(BPS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001270 British Potato Council Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000707 British Psychological Society(BPS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000389 British Renal Society(BRS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000560 British School at Athens(BSA) Private Greece
10.13039/501100000695 British School at Rome(BSR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000561 British Science Association(BSA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000331 British Scoliosis Research Foundation(BSRF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000296 British Skin Foundation(BSF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010705 British Small Animal Veterinary Association(BSAVA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000313 British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy(BSAC) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000562 British Society for Cell Biology(BSCB) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100004583 British Society for Dental Research(BSDR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000563 British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies(BSECS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010165 British Society for Geomorphology(BSG) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000376 British Society for Haematology(BSH) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000565 British Society for Matrix Biology(BSMB) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000566 British Society for Middle Eastern Studies(BRISMES) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000576 British Society for Oral and Dental Research(BSODR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009817 British Society For Parasitology(BSP) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000567 British Society for Plant Pathology(BSPP) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000568 British Society for Rheumatology(BSR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000569 British Society for the History of Science(BSHS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000570 British Society for the Philosophy of Science(BSPS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000572 British Society of Animal Science(BSAS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010468 British Society of Audiology(BSA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009967 British Society of Gerontology Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000573 British Society of Periodontology(BSP) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000571 British Society of Prosthodontics(BSSPD) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000842 British Telecommunications(BT) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000574 British Thoracic Society(BTS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000884 British Thyroid Foundation(BTF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000575 British Toxicology Society(BTS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000865 British Transplantation Society(BTS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000579 British Universities North America Club(BUNAC) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008499 British University in Dubai(BUiD) Private United Arab Emirates
10.13039/100009962 British Veterinary Association(BVA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100001515 Britton Fund(John Britton Memorial Trust Fund) Private United States
10.13039/100000898 Broad Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008500 Broadcom Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100005156 Brock University Government Canada
10.13039/100008558 Brody School of Medicine(Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University) Private United States
10.13039/100007506 Broitman Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001405 Brookdale Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002488 Brookdale Foundation Group Private United States
10.13039/100010186 Brooke Army Medical Center(BAMC) Government United States
10.13039/100006231 Brookhaven National Laboratory, Office of Science(BNL) Government United States
10.13039/100004386 Brother International Corporation Private United States
10.13039/100008621 Brotherhood of St Laurence(Brotherhood of St. Laurence) Private Australia
10.13039/100008553 Brown Coal Innovation Australia(BCIA) Private Australia
10.13039/100000883 Brown Foundation(The Brown Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100008502 Brown Institute for Media Innovation Private United States
10.13039/100006418 Brown University(Brown) Private United States
10.13039/100009018 Bruker BioSpin Private United States
10.13039/100008475 Brunel University London Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007914 Brunel University London(BUL) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100002699 Bruner Foundation, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/501100002762 Brussels Instituut voor Milieubeheer(Institut Bruxellois pour la Gestion de l'Environnment) Government Belgium
10.13039/100001990 Bryan Area Foundation(Bryan Area Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100010311 Bryan J. and June B. Zwan Foundation(Bryan J. & June B. Zwan Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100008926 Bryan Thomas Campbell Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100000577 BT Group(BT) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100002763 Bu Ali Sina University(Basu) Private Iran
10.13039/501100003334 Bucheon St. Mary's Hospital Private South Korea
10.13039/100008876 Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences(BCAS) Private United States
10.13039/100008477 Buckeye Career Center Foundation(Buckeye Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100009563 Buckminster Fuller Institute(BFI) Private United States
10.13039/100006420 Bucknell University Private United States
10.13039/100010024 Bucks New University(Buckinghamshire New University) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009416 Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence(Bucksbaum Institute) Private United States
10.13039/100009567 Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem(Budapest University of Technology and Economics) Private Hungary
10.13039/501100008107 Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation(Tzu Chi Foundation) Private Taiwan
10.13039/501100005925 Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation Private Taiwan
10.13039/100005442 Budget Division(BUD) Government United States
10.13039/100002703 Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100003632 Bugok National Hospital Government South Korea
10.13039/501100001442 Building and Construction Authority - Singapore(BCA) Government Singapore
10.13039/501100000578 Building and Social Housing Foundation(BSHF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100005148 Building Fund for the Academic Innovation Team of Shantou University Government China
10.13039/100010483 Building Research Association of New Zealand(BRANZ) Private New Zealand
10.13039/100008347 Building Research Establishment Trust(BRE Trust) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100006161 Building Technologies Program Government United States
10.13039/501100006002 Bülent Ecevit Üniversitesi(Bülent Ecevit University) Private Turkey
10.13039/501100005995 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences(BAS) Government Bulgaria
10.13039/100007556 Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation(BBF) Government Bulgaria
10.13039/501100003336 Bulgarian National Science Fund(Bulgarian Scientific Fund) Government Bulgaria
10.13039/100005519 Bullitt Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100005016 Bund Naturschutz in Bayern(Bund Naturschutz) Private Germany
10.13039/501100006130 Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe(Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance) Government Germany
10.13039/501100005380 Bundesamt für Energie(Swiss Federal Office of Energy) Government Switzerland
10.13039/501100002329 Bundesamt für Gesundheit(Office fédéral de la santé publique, Conféderation suisse) Government Switzerland
10.13039/501100006454 Bundesamt für Lebensmittelsicherheit und Veterinärwesen(Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office) Government Switzerland
10.13039/501100006529 Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz(Federal Office for Radiation Protection) Government Germany
10.13039/501100003103 Bundesamt für Strassen(Federal Roads Office, Switzerland) Government Switzerland
10.13039/501100003338 Bundesamt für Umwelt(Federal Office for the Environment) Government Switzerland
10.13039/501100006522 Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin(Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) Government Germany
10.13039/100009553 Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -Prüfung(Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) Government Germany
10.13039/501100003497 Bundesbehörden der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft(Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation) Government Switzerland
10.13039/501100007323 Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft(German Federal Institute of Sport Science) Government Germany
10.13039/501100006478 Bundesministerium der Verteidigung(Federal Ministry of Defence) Government Germany
10.13039/501100002347 Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung(Federal Ministry of Education and Research) Government Germany
10.13039/501100006604 Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur(Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture) Government Austria
10.13039/501100005908 Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft(Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture) Government Germany
10.13039/501100004937 Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie(German Ministry for Research and Technology) Government Germany
10.13039/501100007182 Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft(Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management) Government Austria
10.13039/501100006549 Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit(Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety) Government Germany
10.13039/501100005910 Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit(Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety) Government Germany
10.13039/100008383 Bundesministerium für Verkehr und Digitale Infrastruktur(Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) Government Germany
10.13039/501100004956 Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie(Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology) Government Austria
10.13039/501100006360 Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie(Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) Government Germany
10.13039/501100002765 Bundesministerium fur Wirtschaft und Technologie(Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) Government Germany
10.13039/501100006456 Bundesministerium für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung(Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) Government Germany
10.13039/501100007148 Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung(Federal Ministry of Science and Research) Government Austria
10.13039/501100003413 Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft(Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy) Government Austria
10.13039/501100003107 Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit(Federal Ministry of Health, Germany) Government Germany
10.13039/100008384 Bundesministeriums für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung(Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development) Government Germany
10.13039/100008671 Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie(Federation of German Industries) Private Germany
10.13039/501100003108 Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung(Federal Centre for Health Education) Government Germany
10.13039/100007175 Bunning Food Allergy Institute, Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago Private United States
10.13039/100001013 Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis Private United States
10.13039/501100004463 Bupa(Bupa Australia) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000355 Bupa Foundation Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006749 Burapha University(BUU) Private Thailand
10.13039/501100000386 Burdett Trust for Nursing Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006278 Bureau de l’Efficacité et de l’Innovation Énergétiques(Office of Energy Efficiency and Innovation) Government Canada
10.13039/501100006273 Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières(French Geological Survey) Government France
10.13039/100006428 Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment, United States Agency for International Development(E3) Government United States
10.13039/100006761 Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs(ECA) Government United States
10.13039/501100002768 Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Republic of Taiwan(BOE) Government Taiwan
10.13039/501100005200 Bureau of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Sciences Government China
10.13039/100005196 Bureau of Justice Assistance(BJA) Government United States
10.13039/501100004709 Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation, Ministry of National Education Government Indonesia
10.13039/501100007261 Bureau of Policy and Strategy, Ministry of Public Health(Bureau of Policy and Strategy) Government Thailand
10.13039/100006450 Bureau of Reclamation Government United States
10.13039/100006758 Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforecement(BSEE) Government United States
10.13039/501100008238 Bureau of Science and Technology of Hebei Province(Hebei Province Science and Technology Bureau) Government China
10.13039/100010590 Bureau of Tobacco and Chronic Disease(BTCD) Government United States
10.13039/100009357 Burke Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008561 Burnet Institute(Burnet) Private Australia
10.13039/100000861 Burroughs Wellcome Fund(BWF) Private United States
10.13039/100008348 Burton D. Morgan Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002600 Busan National University of Education(Pusan National University of Education) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100002444 Busan Presbyterian Theological College & Seminary(PCTS) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100002601 Busan University of Foreign Studies(Pusan University of Foreign Studies) Private South Korea
10.13039/100005479 Bush Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002769 Bushehr University of Medical Sciences(BPUMS) Private Iran
10.13039/100008419 Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre(Bushfile CRC) Private Australia
10.13039/100006354 Butler University(Butler) Private United States
10.13039/100008151 Butz Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002709 Bynner Foundation for Poetry Private United States
10.13039/100008547 Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, Ohio State University(BPCRC) Private United States
10.13039/100005520 Byrd Polar Research Center, Ohio State University(BPRC) Private United States
10.13039/100010733 Børnecancerfonden(Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation) Private Denmark
10.13039/501100002884 C-M Concrete Products(CM Concrete Private Limited) Private Australia
10.13039/100003116 C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001484 C. R. Bard Foundation(C. R. Bard Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100006056 C.V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience, Washington College Private United States
10.13039/100004676 CA Technologies(CA) Private United States
10.13039/501100005190 Cabildo Insular de La Palma Government Spain
10.13039/501100002770 Cabinet Office, Government of Japan Government Japan
10.13039/100004748 Cablevision Systems Corporation Private United States
10.13039/100008471 Cabot Corporation(Cabot) Private United States
10.13039/100001526 Cabot Corporation Foundation, Inc.(CCFI) Private United States
10.13039/100006422 Cadence Design Systems(Cadence Design Systems Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100008889 Cades Foundation(Cades Foundation in Honolulu) Private United States
10.13039/100003654 Cadillac Area Community Foundation(CACF) Private United States
10.13039/100007401 Caesars Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002773 Cain Foundation(Cain Foundation for Branchio-oto-renal (BOR) Syndrome) Private Australia
10.13039/501100002386 Cairo University(CU) Private Egypt
10.13039/501100002774 Caja de Ahorros de la Inmaculada de Aragón(Caja Inmaculada) Private Spain
10.13039/501100002775 Caja Rural de Jaén(Rural Saving Bank of Jaén) Private Spain
10.13039/501100002782 Calgary Institute for the Humanities, University of Calgary(Humanities Institute at University of Calgary) Private Canada
10.13039/100008535 Calgary Laboratory Services(CLS) Private Canada
10.13039/100004800 California Air Resources Board(Air Resources Board) Government United States
10.13039/100004802 California Breast Cancer Research Program(CBCRP) Government United States
10.13039/100006429 California Center for Population Research, University of California, Los Angeles(California Center for Population Research) Private United States
10.13039/100010522 California Cherry Board Private United States
10.13039/100001017 California Community Foundation(CCF) Private United States
10.13039/100002710 California Consumer Protection Foundation(CCPF) Private United States
10.13039/100008879 California Dairy Research Foundation(CDRF) Private United States
10.13039/100002711 California Dental Association Foundation(CDA Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100004801 California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs(ADP) Government United States
10.13039/100004803 California Department of Conservation(DOC) Government United States
10.13039/100004804 California Department of Education(CDE) Government United States
10.13039/100004807 California Department of Fish and Game(DFG) Government United States
10.13039/100006238 California Department of Fish and Wildlife(CDFW) Government United States
10.13039/100006759 California Department of Food and Agriculture(CDFA) Government United States
10.13039/100006095 California Department of Pesticide Regulation(DPR) Government United States
10.13039/100005002 California Department of Public Health(CDPH) Government United States
10.13039/100004811 California Department of Transportation(DOT) Government United States
10.13039/100008931 California Earthquake Authority(CEA) Private United States
10.13039/100004805 California Energy Commission Government United States
10.13039/100004806 California Environmental Protection Agency(Cal/EPA) Government United States
10.13039/100009114 California Health Care Safety Net Institute(SNI) Private United States
10.13039/100001018 California HealthCare Foundation(CHCF) Private United States
10.13039/100005192 California HIV/AIDS Research Program(CHRP) Government United States
10.13039/100000900 California Institute for Regenerative Medicine(CIRM) Government United States
10.13039/100009151 California Institute of Energy and Environment(CIEE) Private United States
10.13039/100007557 California Institute of Regenerative Medicine(CIRM) Government United States
10.13039/100006961 California Institute of Technology(Caltech) Private United States
10.13039/100005480 California Library Association(CLA) Private United States
10.13039/100007862 California National Primate Research Center(CNPRC) Government United States
10.13039/100007782 California Natural Resources Agency Government United States
10.13039/100004809 California Office of Traffic Safety(OTS) Government United States
10.13039/100008507 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo(Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) Private United States
10.13039/100004810 California Postsecondary Education Commission(CPEC) Government United States
10.13039/100005521 California Psychological Association Foundation(CPA Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100004812 California Resources Agency Government United States
10.13039/100007286 California Rice Research Board(RRB) Government United States
10.13039/100005522 California Sea Grant, University of California Private United States
10.13039/100005733 California Space Grant Consortium(CaSGC) Private United States
10.13039/100010706 California State Beekeepers Association(CSBA) Private United States
10.13039/100008508 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona(Cal Poly Pomona) Private United States
10.13039/100008134 California State University(CSU) Government United States
10.13039/100009973 California State University Channel Islands(Channel Islands) Private United States
10.13039/100009975 California State University East Bay(California State University, East Bay) Private United States
10.13039/100008135 California State University Long Beach(CSULB) Government United States
10.13039/100007789 California State University San Marcos(CSUSM) Government United States
10.13039/100009974 California State University, Bakersfield(CSU Bakersfield) Private United States
10.13039/100009972 California State University, Chico(California State University Chico) Private United States
10.13039/100009883 California State University, Dominguez Hills(California State University Dominguez Hills) Government United States
10.13039/100010075 California State University, Fresno(Fresno State) Private United States
10.13039/100008312 California State University, Fullerton(Cal State Fullerton) Private United States
10.13039/100010176 California State University, Monterey Bay(California State University Monterey Bay) Private United States
10.13039/100008775 California State University, Northridge(Cal State Northridge) Government United States
10.13039/100009503 California State University, Sacramento(CSU Sacramento) Government United States
10.13039/100004814 California State Water Resources Control Board Government United States
10.13039/100006760 California Strawberry Commission Private United States
10.13039/100010609 California Urology Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001019 California Wellness Foundation(Cal Wellness) Private United States
10.13039/100006624 California Women Lawyers(CWL) Private United States
10.13039/100008354 Callaghan Innovation Government New Zealand
10.13039/501100000348 Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation(Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation UK) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009676 Caltech Associates(California Institute of Technology Associates) Private United States
10.13039/100001552 Calvert K. Collins Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002445 Calvin University Private South Korea
10.13039/501100001666 Camargo Foundation Private France
10.13039/100006430 CAMBR Charitable Foundation(CAMBR foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100003342 Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100003343 Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000580 Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, University of Cambridge(CIMR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100003341 Cambridge Overseas Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100002926 Cambridge University Hospitals(CUH) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006536 Cambridge-MIT Institute(CMI) Government United Kingdom
10.13039/100010594 Cameco(Cameco Corp.) Private Canada
10.13039/100010078 Cameron Brooks Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001082 Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation(Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100010524 Campbell Family Mental Health Researc​h Institute(Institut de Recherche en Santé Mentale de la Famille Campbell) Government Canada
10.13039/100002001 Campbell Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009323 Campbell Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009820 Campbell Institute Private United States
10.13039/501100006203 Campus Ciències de la Salut de Bellvitge, Universitat de Barcelona(Bellvitge Health Sciences Campus, University of Barcelona) Government Spain
10.13039/501100006537 Campus France(Agence Française pour la Promotion de l’Enseignement Supérieur, l’Accueil et la Mobilité Internationale) Government France
10.13039/501100005933 Camurus Lipid Research Foundation Private Sweden
10.13039/501100000195 Canada Council for the Arts(Conseil des Arts du Canada) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000048 Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions(Développement économique Canada pour les régions du Québec) Government Canada
10.13039/501100002784 Canada Excellence Research Chairs, Government of Canada(Canada Excellence Research Chairs Program) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000196 Canada Foundation for Innovation(Fondation canadienne pour l’innovation) Private Canada
10.13039/501100001805 Canada Foundation for Innovation(Fondation canadienne pour l’innovation) Private Canada
10.13039/100008797 Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation(CMSF) Private Canada
10.13039/501100001804 Canada Research Chairs(Chaires de recherche du Canada) Government Canada
10.13039/100008741 Canada School of Energy and Environment(CSEE) Private Canada
10.13039/100005898 Canada-California Strategic Innovation Partnership(CCSIP) Private United States
10.13039/501100000007 Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute(l'Institut Aéronautique et Spatial du Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/100008154 Canadian Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Foundation(Fondation Canadienne d'Allergie, d'Asthme et d'Immunologie) Private Canada
10.13039/100007481 Canadian Anesthesia Research Foundation(Fondation Canadienne de Recherche en Anesthésie) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000148 Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society(Société canadienne des anesthésiologistes) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002785 Canadian Animal Health Institute(Institut Canadien de la Sante Animale (ICSA)) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002787 Canadian Armed Forces(Forces armées canadiennes, Gouvernement du Canada) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000009 Canadian Asian Studies Association(Association Canadienne des Études Asiatiques) Private Canada
10.13039/100008311 Canadian Association for Co-operative Education(CAFCE) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000010 Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver(Association canadienne pour l'étude du foie) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000149 Canadian Association of Gastroenterology(Association canadienne de gastroentérologie) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002792 Canadian Association of Optometrists(Association canadienne des optométristes) Private Canada
10.13039/100010655 Canadian Association of Palynologists(Association Canadienne des Palynologues) Private Canada
10.13039/100008467 Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology(Association Canadienne de Radio-Oncologie) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002786 Canadian Association of Thoracic Surgeons(Assocaition Canadienne de Chirugie Thoracique) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000072 Canadian Association of University Teachers(CAUT) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000011 Canadian Association on Gerontology(L’Association canadienne de gérontologie) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000012 Canadian Astronomical Society(Société Canadienne d'Astronomie) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000013 Canadian Bar Association(L’Association du Barreau Canadien) Private Canada
10.13039/100010707 Canadian Bee Research Fund(CBRF) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000014 Canadian Blood Services(Société canadienne du sang) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000147 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation(Fondation canadienne du cancer du sein) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000150 Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance(Alliance canadienne de recherche du cancer du sein) Private Canada
10.13039/100009288 Canadian Bureau for International Education(Bureau Canadien de l’Éducation Internationale) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000521 Canadian Cancer Society(Société canadienne du cancer) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000015 Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute(Institut de recherche de la Société canadienne du cancer) Private Canada
10.13039/100010656 Canadian Celiac Association(Association Canadienne de la Maladie Coeliaque) Private Canada
10.13039/501100006043 Canadian Centre for Clean Coal/Carbon and Mineral Processing Technologies(C5MPT) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000066 Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program(Programme canadien de cliniciens-chercheurs en santé de l'enfant) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002184 Canadian Climate Forum(LE FORUM CANADIEN DU CLIMAT) Private Canada
10.13039/501100003505 Canadian Council on Learning(Conseil Canadien sur l’Apprentissage) Private Canada
10.13039/100007475 Canadian Dermatology Foundation(Fondation canadienne de dermatologie) Private Canada
10.13039/100007476 Canadian Diabetes Association(Association Canadienne du Diabète) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000151 Canadian Federation of University Women(CFUW) Private Canada
10.13039/100008220 Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research(Fondation Canadienne de Recherche sur le Sida) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000200 Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences(Fondation canadienne pour les sciences du climat et de l’atmosphère) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000203 Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research(Fondation canadienne de la recherche en diététique) Private Canada
10.13039/100008874 Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement(CFHI) Private Canada
10.13039/100008751 Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University(CFTAU) Private Canada
10.13039/100009325 Canadian Health Services Research Foundation(Fondation Canadianne de la Recherche sur les Service de Santé) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000152 Canadian Hemophilia Society(CHS) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000017 Canadian Heritage(Patrimoine canadien) Government Canada
10.13039/501100002879 Canadian HIV Trials Network, Canadian Institutes of Health Research(Réseau canadien pour les essais VIH des IRSC) Government Canada
10.13039/100007631 Canadian Institute for Advanced Research(L'Institut Canadien de Recherches Avancées) Private Canada
10.13039/501100003264 Canadian Institute for International Peace and Security(CIIPS) Government Canada
10.13039/501100008421 Canadian Institute for Telecommunications Research(CITR) Government Canada
10.13039/100008511 Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum(CIM) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000067 Canadian Institute of Ukranian Studies, University of Alberta(CIUS) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000024 Canadian Institutes of Health Research(Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada) Government Canada
10.13039/100010386 Canadian Intensive Care Foundation(CICF) Private Canada
10.13039/100010503 Canadian International Development Agency(Agence Canadienne de Développement International) Government Canada
10.13039/501100002788 Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network("Réseau canadien de recherche sur le langage et l'alphabétisation ") Private Canada
10.13039/501100000068 Canadian Library Association(Association canadienne des biblotheques) Private Canada
10.13039/100008512 Canadian Light Source(Centre Canadien de Rayonnement Synchrotron) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000264 Canadian Liver Foundation(Fondation canadienne du foie) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000104 Canadian Mathematical Society(Société mathématique du Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/501100004926 Canadian Medical Association(CMA) Private Canada
10.13039/501100003250 Canadian Mental Health Association(Association Canadienne pour la Santé Mentale) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002789 Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society(Société canadienne de météorologie et d'océanographie) Private Canada
10.13039/100008787 Canadian Natural Resources Limited(Canadian Natural) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002790 Canadian Network for Research and Innovation in Machining Technology, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada(NSERC Canadian Network for Research and Innovation in Machining Technology) Government Canada
10.13039/100008604 Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission(Commission Canadienne de Sûreté Nucléaire) Government Canada
10.13039/100009271 Canadian Nurses Foundation(Fondation des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000069 Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation(COTF) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002791 Canadian Optometric Education Trust Fund(Le Fonds de fiducie des optométristes canadiens pour l’éducation) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000202 Canadian Pain Society(La Société canadienne de la douleur) Private Canada
10.13039/100010614 Canadian Physiotherapy Association(Association Canadienne de la Physiothérapie) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000070 Canadian Political Science Association(L'Association canadienne de science politique) Private Canada
10.13039/100008681 Canadian Poultry Research Council(Conseil de Recherches Avicoles du Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002681 Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Initiative(CPCRI) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000153 Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation(CPRF) Private Canada
10.13039/501100003284 Canadian Psychological Association(Société Canadienne de Psychologie) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000071 Canadian Seed Growers' Association(L’Association canadienne des producteurs de semences) Private Canada
10.13039/100008653 Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery(Société Canadienne de Chirurgie Vasculaire) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000073 Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists(CSPG) Private Canada
10.13039/100009704 Canadian Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics(Société Canadienne de Pharmacologie et de Thérapeutique) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000016 Canadian Space Agency(Agence Spatiale Canadienne) Government Canada
10.13039/100007644 Canadian Swine Health Board(Conseil Canadien de la Santé Porcine) Private Canada
10.13039/100010647 Canadian Thoracic Society(CTS) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002654 Canadian Tobacco Control Research Initiative(CTCRI) Private Canada
10.13039/100008468 Canadian Urological Association(CUA) Private Canada
10.13039/100008469 Canadian Urological Oncology Group(Canadian Urologic Oncology Group) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002793 Canadian Water Network(Réseau canadien de l’eau) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000074 Canadian Wildlife Federation(Fédération canadienne de la faune) Private Canada
10.13039/100009055 Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi(Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University) Private Turkey
10.13039/100008313 Canarie(Canarie Inc.) Private Canada
10.13039/100007477 Canary Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100003657 Canavan Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001425 Cancer Aid and Research Fund(CARF) Private United States
10.13039/501100001042 Cancer and Bowel Research Trust Private Australia
10.13039/100001020 Cancer and Leukemia Group B Foundation(CALGB) Private United States
10.13039/100010648 Cancer and Polio Research Fund(CPRF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001325 Cancer Association of South Africa(CANSA) Private South Africa
10.13039/501100001111 Cancer Australia Government Australia
10.13039/100009142 Cancer Care Ontario(Action Cancer Ontario) Government Canada
10.13039/100001530 Cancer Center for Detection and Prevention(CCDP) Private United States
10.13039/501100001167 Cancer Council ACT Government Australia
10.13039/501100001102 Cancer Council NSW Government Australia
10.13039/501100001168 Cancer Council Queensland Private Australia
10.13039/501100000950 Cancer Council South Australia(Cancer Council SA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001169 Cancer Council Tasmania Private Australia
10.13039/501100000951 Cancer Council Victoria Private Australia
10.13039/501100001170 Cancer Council Western Australia Private Australia
10.13039/100008470 Cancer Genomics Centre(CGC) Private Netherlands
10.13039/501100005149 Cancer Institute and Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences(Cancer Institute and Hospital) Government China
10.13039/501100001171 Cancer Institute NSW Private Australia
10.13039/100009141 Cancer League of Colorado(Cancer League of Colorado, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100001115 Cancer Nurses Society of Australia(CNSA) Private Australia
10.13039/100004917 Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas(CPRIT) Government United States
10.13039/100002002 Cancer Research Foundation(CRF) Private United States
10.13039/501100004886 Cancer Research Foundation in Northern Sweden(Northern Sweden Cancer Foundation) Private Sweden
10.13039/100000884 Cancer Research Institute(CRI) Private United States
10.13039/100009326 Cancer Research Society(Société de Recherche sur le Cancer) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000289 Cancer Research UK(CRUK) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009828 Cancer Research Wales(Ymchwil Canser Cymru) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001513 Cancer Society of New Zealand(Te Kahui Matepukupuku o Aotearoa) Private New Zealand
10.13039/100009395 CancerCare Manitoba Foundation(CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Inc.) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002794 Cancerfonden(Swedish Cancer Society) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100007231 Cancerföreningen i Stockholm(Cancer Society in Stockholm) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100006431 Cancéropôle Île-de-France(Cancéropôle IDF) Private France
10.13039/501100006331 Canceropôle PACA(Canceropole PACA) Private France
10.13039/501100002795 CANDU Owners Group(COG) Private Canada
10.13039/100009143 Canegrowers(Canegrowers Australia) Private Australia
10.13039/100007456 Canine Research Foundation(CRF) Private Austria
10.13039/100010731 Çankaya Üniversitesi(Çankaya University) Private Turkey
10.13039/501100006746 Çankiri Karatekin Üniversitesi(Cankiri Karatekin University) Private Turkey
10.13039/100005523 CanLiv, The Hepatobiliary Cancers Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004365 Cannon Private United States
10.13039/100007132 Cannon Foundation(The Cannon Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100009851 Canon Foundation for Scientific Research(CFSR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005286 Canon Foundation in Europe Private Netherlands
10.13039/100008466 Canterbury Community Trust Private New Zealand
10.13039/501100006571 Canterbury District Health Board(Canterbury DHB) Government New Zealand
10.13039/501100001530 Canterbury Medical Research Foundation(CMRF) Private New Zealand
10.13039/100001421 Cantor Foundation, Iris & B. Gerald Private United States
10.13039/501100002928 Cao Guangbiao High Science and Technology Foundation, Zhejiang University(Cao Guangbiao Foundation of Zhejiang University) Private China
10.13039/501100002798 Cap Digital Private France
10.13039/501100004512 Cape Peninsula University of Technology(CPUT) Government South Africa
10.13039/100009076 Capgemini Private France
10.13039/100008180 Capita Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100006739 Capital Foundation of Medical Development(Capital Foundation of Medical Development of China) Government China
10.13039/100007831 Capital Health Private Canada
10.13039/501100001172 Capital Markets CRC Limited(CMCRC) Private Australia
10.13039/501100002799 Capital Medical University(CMU) Private China
10.13039/100008996 Capital Normal University(CNU) Private China
10.13039/100004705 Capital One Financial Corporation Private United States
10.13039/501100002800 CapitalCare Foundation(CCF) Private Canada
10.13039/100010597 Capsugel Private United States
10.13039/501100006384 Captain Fanourakis Foundation(Captain L. Fanourakis Foundation) Private Greece
10.13039/100009516 Captain Planet Foundation(Captain Planet Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100006572 Carabel(Carabel S.R.L.) Private Italy
10.13039/501100003346 Carbon Management Canada(Carbon Management Canada Inc.) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000397 Carbon Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100002713 Carcinoid Cancer Foundation(CCF) Private United States
10.13039/501100001251 Carclew Youth Arts Private Australia
10.13039/501100002801 Cardiac Children's Foundation Taiwan(Cardiac Children's Foundation) Private Taiwan
10.13039/501100001173 Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand(CSANZ) Private Australia
10.13039/501100002802 Cardiff Metropolitan University Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000866 Cardiff University Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100002714 Cardiovascular Institute of Philadelphia(CVI) Private United States
10.13039/100007478 Cardiovascular Research Foundation(CRF) Private United States
10.13039/501100006594 Cardiovascular Research Fund, Tokyo Private Japan
10.13039/100009417 Care-for-Rare Foundation(Care-for-Rare-Stiftung) Private Germany
10.13039/100002759 CARES Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006431 Carestream Health(Carestream Health Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100004387 Cargill Private United States
10.13039/100008401 Carilion Clinic Private United States
10.13039/100002716 Caring for Carcinoid Foundation(CFCF) Private United States
10.13039/501100001217 Caring for our Country Government Australia
10.13039/501100002804 Caritas Roma(Caritas Rome) Private Italy
10.13039/100010729 Carl and Emily Fuchs Foundation(Fuchs Foundation) Private South Africa
10.13039/100001333 Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010469 Carl C. Anderson, Sr. and Marie Jo Anderson Charitable Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100007666 Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung(Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/100000906 Carl M. Freeman Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010657 Carl Marshall and Mildred Almen Reeves Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010187 Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center(Darnall Army Medical Center) Government United States
10.13039/501100002805 Carl Tryggers Stiftelse för Vetenskaplig Forskning(Carl Trygger Foundation) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100002806 Carl Zeiss Meditec AG(Carl Zeiss Meditec) Private Germany
10.13039/501100008226 Carl-Bertil Laurells Fond(Carl-Bertil Laurell Fund) Private Sweden
10.13039/100007569 Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung(Carl Zeiss Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/501100002807 Carla Boetes Fund Private Netherlands
10.13039/100006433 Carleton College Private United States
10.13039/100008095 Carleton University Government Canada
10.13039/501100002808 Carlsbergfondet(Carlsberg Foundation) Private Denmark
10.13039/100000308 Carnegie Corporation of New York Private United States
10.13039/501100000581 Carnegie Dunfermline Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005843 Carnegie Institution of Washington Private United States
10.13039/100008047 Carnegie Mellon University(CMU) Private United States
10.13039/501100000582 Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100002645 Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100006489 Carolina Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill(Carolina Cancer Center of Nanotechnology Excellence) Private United States
10.13039/100008156 Carolinas HealthCare Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008155 Carolinas HealthCare System(CHS) Private United States
10.13039/100009229 Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics(Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics, Iowa State University) Private United States
10.13039/100005113 Carrier Corporation Private United States
10.13039/100010589 Carroll and Meynell Transformers(Carrol l & Meynell Transformers Ltd.) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007897 Carroll School of Management(CSOM) Private United States
10.13039/100004120 Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation(CSCF) Private United States
10.13039/100005527 Carter Center Private United States
10.13039/100005973 Carter G. Woodson Institute for African-American and African Studies, University of Virginia Private United States
10.13039/501100005231 CAS-SAFEA International Partnership Program for Creative Research Teams Government China
10.13039/501100006330 Casappa(Casappa S.p.A.) Private Italy
10.13039/100008533 Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, Case Western Reserve University(Case Comprehensive Cancer Center) Private United States
10.13039/100008565 Case School of Engineering, Case Western Reserve University(CSE) Private United States
10.13039/100008136 Case Western Reserve University(CWRU) Private United States
10.13039/501100005935 Casio Education Scholarship Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/501100005936 Casio Science Promotion Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/501100000583 Cass Business School, City University London(Cass) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001043 Cass Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/501100005232 CAST Innovation Foundation Government China
10.13039/100006434 Castleman Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008873 Catalyst Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100005529 Catching the Dream(CTD) Private United States
10.13039/501100002929 Cátedra Telefónica, Universidad de Oviedo(Faculty of Telecommunications, University of Oviedo) Private Spain
10.13039/100007402 Caterpillar Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004749 Caterpillar Inc. Private United States
10.13039/501100003997 Catharijne Foundation Private Netherlands
10.13039/100008465 Catharine D. Sharpe Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002811 Cathay General Hospital(CGH) Private Taiwan
10.13039/501100000584 Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research, University of Manchester(CCSR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006628 Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research(CMIST) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005530 Catholic Biblical Association of America, Catholic University of America(CBA) Private United States
10.13039/100008496 Catholic University of America(CUA) Private United States
10.13039/501100002447 Catholic University of Daegu(CU) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100002648 Catholic University of Korea(The Catholic University of Korea) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100002446 Catholic University of Pusan(CUP) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100001547 CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Trust Private New Zealand
10.13039/100005532 Cave Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100005233 CCNU-QLPL Innovation Fund Government China
10.13039/100005533 CEC ArtsLink Private United States
10.13039/100005539 Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Private United States
10.13039/100010169 Cecilia Kilkeary Foundation(Cecilia Kilkeary Foundation Ltd.) Private Australia
10.13039/100008181 Cedar Tree Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002814 Cederroth(Cederroth International) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100006009 Celal Bayar Üniversitesi(Celal Bayar University) Government Turkey
10.13039/100008790 Celgard(Celgard LLC.) Private United States
10.13039/100006436 Celgene(Celgene Corporation) Private United States
10.13039/100007451 Cell Science Research Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/100008599 Celladon Corporation(Celladon) Private United States
10.13039/501100002815 CellGenix(CellGenix GmbH) Private Germany
10.13039/100010591 Cellmark Forensic Services(Cellmark) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010780 Celltrion Healthcare Private South Korea
10.13039/100003102 Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer Foundation(CMOCF) Private United States
10.13039/100008573 Cement Association of Canada(Association Canadienne du Ciment) Private Canada
10.13039/501100002816 CemSuisse(Betonsuisse) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100006437 CeNeRx Private United States
10.13039/100008772 Cenovus Energy(Cenovus Energy Inc.) Private Canada
10.13039/100006439 Centenary College of Louisiana Private United States
10.13039/100008632 Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health(CLF, JHSPH) Private United States
10.13039/100005540 Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Private United States
10.13039/100006923 Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, Cornell University(CAHRS) Government United States
10.13039/100009144 Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering(CALCE) Private United States
10.13039/100006465 Center for Advanced Materials Processing, Clarkson University(CAMP) Private United States
10.13039/100005541 Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University Private United States
10.13039/100006296 Center for Advanced Study, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(CAS) Private United States
10.13039/100008568 Center for Advanced Systems and Engineering, Syracuse University(CASE) Private United States
10.13039/100006449 Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems, Mississippi State University(Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems) Private United States
10.13039/100005585 Center for Advancing Health(CFAH) Private United States
10.13039/100009999 Center for African Studies(CAS) Private United States
10.13039/100005542 Center for Africana Studies, Johns Hopkins University Private United States
10.13039/100006440 Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems, University of California, Santa Cruz(Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems) Private United States
10.13039/100005544 Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, University of California, San Francisco(CAPS) Private United States
10.13039/100006967 Center for AIDS Research, Duke University(Duke University Center for AIDS Research) Private United States
10.13039/100008374 Center for AIDS Research, Emory University(CFAR) Private United States
10.13039/100008673 Center for AIDS Research, University of California, San Diego(CFAR) Private United States
10.13039/100007813 Center for AIDS Research, University of Washington(University of Washington Center for AIDS Research) Government United States
10.13039/100005932 Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health(CAAT) Private United States
10.13039/100010211 Center for Applied Strategic Learning(CASL) Government United States
10.13039/100009868 Center for Arabic Study Abroad, Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies(CASA) Private United States
10.13039/100005545 Center for Arabic Study Abroad, University of Texas, Austin(CASA) Private United States
10.13039/100003667 Center for Architecture Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009115 Center for Biotechnology, Stony Brook University(CFB) Private United States
10.13039/100005546 Center for California Studies, California State University Private United States
10.13039/100009994 Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development(CCHBD) Private United States
10.13039/100009993 Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR) Private United States
10.13039/100008747 Center for Clinical and Translational Science, Ohio State University(CCTS, OSU) Government United States
10.13039/100008641 Center for Clinical and Translational Science, University of Cincinnati(CCTST, UC) Government United States
10.13039/100008523 Center for Clinical and Translational Science, University of Illinois at Chicago(Center for Clinical and Translational Science) Government United States
10.13039/100010573 Center for Clinical and Translational Science, University of Utah(Utah Center for Clinical and Translational Science) Government United States
10.13039/100009069 Center for Cognition, Learning and Memory(Zentrum für Kognition, Lernen und Gedächtnis) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100005547 Center for Columbia River History(CCRH) Private United States
10.13039/100005548 Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, University of California, San Diego(CCIS) Private United States
10.13039/100010452 Center for Complex Operations Government United States
10.13039/100008939 Center for Computing for Life Sciences, San Francisco State University(CCLS, SFSU) Private United States
10.13039/100005550 Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona(CCP) Private United States
10.13039/100008940 Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science(DIMACS) Private United States
10.13039/100006442 Center for Drug Discovery, Baylor College of Medicine(CDD) Private United States
10.13039/100008574 Center for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, University of California, Los Angeles(CDMD) Private United States
10.13039/100003668 Center for Ecoliteracy Private United States
10.13039/100010502 Center for Ecology and Environmental Technology, University of Louisiana at Lafayette(Ecology Center, University of Louisiana at Lafayette) Government United States
10.13039/100008941 Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research, Ohio University(Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research, Russ College of Engineering and Technology, Ohio University) Private United States
10.13039/100006443 Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases, University of Iowa(CEID) Private United States
10.13039/100008942 Center for Enabling New Technologies Through Catalysis(CENTC) Private United States
10.13039/100008640 Center for Environmental Energy Engineering, University of Maryland(CEEE, UMD) Private United States
10.13039/100005573 Center for Environmental Journalism, University of Colorado, Boulder(CEJ) Private United States
10.13039/100010093 Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering(Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering) Private United States
10.13039/100008575 Center for Evolutionary and Theoretical Immunology(CETI) Private United States
10.13039/100006444 Center for Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation, University of Maryland(M-CERSI) Private United States
10.13039/100008108 Center for Fundamentals of Subsurface Flow(CFSF) Government United States
10.13039/501100005191 Center for Genomic Epidemiology(Center for Genomic Epidemiology, Technical University of Denmark) Government Denmark
10.13039/100006090 Center for Global Health(Global Health) Government United States
10.13039/100004427 Center for Global Partnership(The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership) Private United States
10.13039/100009966 Center for Health Administration Studies(CHAS) Private United States
10.13039/100001535 Center for Health Care Strategies(CHCS) Private United States
10.13039/100008642 Center for Health Design(CHD) Private United States
10.13039/100005574 Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University(CHS) Private United States
10.13039/100006445 Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing, National Science Foundation(Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing) Private United States
10.13039/100006832 Center for HIV/AIDS Educational Studies and Training, Hunter College(Hunter College Center for HIV/AIDS Educational Studies and Training) Private United States
10.13039/100008044 Center for iInfrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning(Center for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning, Indian Institute of Science) Government India
10.13039/100000093 Center for Information Technology(CIT) Government United States
10.13039/100008652 Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society(CITRIS) Government United States
10.13039/100007871 Center for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning(CiSTUP) Government India
10.13039/100004979 Center for Innovative Technology(CIT) Government United States
10.13039/100008643 Center for Integrated Facility Engineering, Stanford University(CIFE, SU) Private United States
10.13039/100006812 Center for Integrated Healthcare, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs(VISN 2 Center for Integrated Healthcare) Government United States
10.13039/100008503 Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology(CIMIT) Private United States
10.13039/100006301 Center for International Business Education and Research, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(CIBER) Private United States
10.13039/100005575 Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University(CISAC) Private United States
10.13039/100005576 Center for International Studies, University of Missouri, St. Louis Private United States
10.13039/100005577 Center for International Studies, University of Southern California(CIS) Private United States
10.13039/100010453 Center for Joint and Strategic Logistics(CJSL) Government United States
10.13039/100003669 Center for Land Use Interpretation(CLUI) Private United States
10.13039/100009521 Center for Latin American Studies, University of California, Berkeley(CLAS Berkeley) Private United States
10.13039/100009406 Center for Latin American Studies, University of Florida(UF Center for Latin American Studies) Private United States
10.13039/100005579 Center for Law, Society, and Culture, Indiana University, Bloomington Private United States
10.13039/100005580 Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, University of New York city (CUNY)(Center for LGBTQ Studies) Private United States
10.13039/501100005193 Center for Makroøkologi, Evolution og Klima(Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate) Government Denmark
10.13039/501100007277 Center for Massive Data Algorithmics(MADALGO) Private Denmark
10.13039/100007139 Center for Medicine, Health and Society, Vanderbilt University(Vanderbilt University Center for Medicine, Health, and Society) Private United States
10.13039/100005268 Center for Mental Health Services(CMHS) Government United States
10.13039/501100007678 Center for Modelling and Simulation in the Biosciences(BIOMS) Private Germany
10.13039/100007761 Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology(CNST) Government United States
10.13039/100007505 Center for Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology, Boston University Private United States
10.13039/501100006099 Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Tel Aviv University(Tel Aviv University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) Government Israel
10.13039/501100007153 Center for NanoScience, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München(CeNS, LMU) Government Germany
10.13039/100007708 Center for Neurobehavioral Development(CNBD) Government United States
10.13039/100008245 Center for Neuroscience Research(Tufts Center for Neuroscience Research) Private United States
10.13039/100006446 Center for Nuclear Energy Facilities and Structures, North Carolina State University(Center for Nuclear Energy Facilities and Structures) Private United States
10.13039/100006441 Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation, Yale School of Medicine(CORE) Private United States
10.13039/100005581 Center for Plant Conservation(Center for Plant Conservation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100008678 Center for Produce Safety(CPS) Private United States
10.13039/100006447 Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets(CReSIS) Private United States
10.13039/100005582 Center for Retirement Research, Boston College(CRR) Private United States
10.13039/100005440 Center for Scientific Review(CSR) Government United States
10.13039/100006435 Center for Selective C-H Functionalization, National Science Foundation Government United States
10.13039/100005333 Center for Social Inclusion(CSI) Private United States
10.13039/100007908 Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health, Duke University(Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health) Private United States
10.13039/100008686 Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(CSCOR, NOAA) Government United States
10.13039/100010454 Center for Strategic Research(CSR) Government United States
10.13039/100008637 Center for Strategic Scientific Initiatives, National Cancer Institute(NCI Center for Strategic Scientific Initiatives) Government United States
10.13039/100008525 Center for Structural and Functional Neuroscience, University of Montana(CSFN, UM) Government United States
10.13039/100010500 Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology, University of Washington(CSDE) Government United States
10.13039/100005583 Center for Study of Law and Culture, Columbia University(CSLC) Private United States
10.13039/100005269 Center for Substance Abuse Prevention(CSAP) Government United States
10.13039/100005267 Center for Substance Abuse Treatment(CSAT) Government United States
10.13039/100007750 Center for Teaching and Learning, Boise State University(Center for Teaching and Learning) Government United States
10.13039/100010212 Center for Technology and National Security Policy(CTNSP) Government United States
10.13039/100005584 Center for the Advancement of Contemplative Education, Naropa University(CACE) Private United States
10.13039/100005586 Center for the Art of East Asia, University of Chicago(CAEA) Private United States
10.13039/100008934 Center for the Built Environment(CBE) Private United States
10.13039/100008263 Center for the Environment, Harvard University(Harvard University Center for the Environment) Private United States
10.13039/100008936 Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology(CEINT) Private United States
10.13039/100009627 Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture, University of Wisconsin(Center for the History of Print & Digital Culture, University of Wisconsin) Private United States
10.13039/100005996 Center for the History of Print Culture in Modern America, University of Wisconsin(CHPCMA) Private United States
10.13039/100009405 Center for the Humanities at Tufts(CHAT) Private United States
10.13039/100005587 Center for the Humanities, Oregon State University Private United States
10.13039/100005588 Center for the Humanities, Wesleyan University Private United States
10.13039/100010213 Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs(CSCMA) Government United States
10.13039/100005589 Center for the Study of Democratic Politics, Princeton University(CSDP) Private United States
10.13039/100008463 Center for the Study of Law and Culture, Columbia University(CSLC) Private United States
10.13039/100005590 Center for the Study of Philanthropy, City University of New York Private United States
10.13039/100005591 Center for the Study of Religion, Princeton University(CSR) Private United States
10.13039/100005592 Center for the Study of the American South, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Private United States
10.13039/100010214 Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction(Center for the Study of WMD) Government United States
10.13039/100007799 Center for the Study of Women, University of California, Los Angeles(Center for the Study of Women) Private United States
10.13039/100005593 Center for the United States and the Cold War, New York University Private United States
10.13039/100009159 Center for Theoretical Biological Physics(CTBP) Private United States
10.13039/100005594 Center for Theoretical Biological Physics, University of California, San Diego(CTBP) Private United States
10.13039/100005596 Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, University of California, San Francisco Private United States
10.13039/100010628 Center for Tobacco Products(CTP) Government United States
10.13039/501100006020 Center for Translational Molecular Medicine(CTMM) Private Netherlands
10.13039/100008929 Center for Urban Science and Progress(New York University Center for Urban Science and Progress) Private United States
10.13039/100006448 Center for Virus Research, University of California, Irvine(Center for Virus Research) Private United States
10.13039/100008243 Center for Visual Science(CVS) Private United States
10.13039/501100006551 Center of Educational Studies, Ruhr-Universität Bochum(CoES, RUB) Government Germany
10.13039/501100005787 Center of Excellence for Environmental Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University Private Taiwan
10.13039/100008930 Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science and Technology(CELEST) Private United States
10.13039/100008935 Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation(Georgetown CERSI) Private United States
10.13039/501100004783 Center of Translational Genomics, University of Tartu(Centre of Translational Genomics of the University of Tartu) Government Estonia
10.13039/100009706 Center on Health, Aging, and Disability(CHAD) Government United States
10.13039/100009621 Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, Graduate Center, City University of New York(Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at The Graduate Center, CUNY) Private United States
10.13039/100008674 Center on the Microenvironment and Metastasis, Cornell University(CMM) Private United States
10.13039/100000030 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) Government United States
10.13039/100005227 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) Government United States
10.13039/501100001847 Central Board of Irrgation and Power(CBIP) Private India
10.13039/501100005234 Central China Normal University(CCNU) Government China
10.13039/100007790 Central Connecticut State University(CCSU) Government United States
10.13039/501100004507 Central Drug Research Institute(CDRI) Government India
10.13039/501100007853 Central ElectroChemical Research Institute(CSIR-Central ElectroChemical Research Institute) Government India
10.13039/501100007852 Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute(CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute) Government India
10.13039/501100006435 Central European Institute of Technology(Stredoevropský Technologický Institut) Private Czech Republic
10.13039/501100006061 Central European University(CEU) Private Hungary
10.13039/501100002821 Central Geological Survey, Ministry of Economic Affairs(Central Geological Survey) Government